“it’s light outside when you finally see the q…

“it’s light outside

when you finally see

the quiet failure sleeping

next to you”

XIU XIU have made an adorable split 7″ with a band whose name sounds like a XIU XIU song title: THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I. It is a really beautifully manufactured item – thick cardboard, silk screened and handnumbered and limited to 700. THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I are hardly less angst-ridden than XIU XIU who were best described by “open-wound style of songwriting”. Don’t, no: DON’T MISS them on their upcoming europe tour!!!

here’s the germany dates:

XIU XIU (5RC / Tomlab) präsentiert von SPEX

07.05. GER – Hannover, Cafe Glocksee (w/ Numbers)

08.05. GER – Offenbach, Moschee

09.05. GER – Trier, Exhaus

10.05. GER – Karlsruhe, Schlachthof

11.05. GER – München, Harry Klein

12.05. GER – Schorndorf, Manufaktur

13.05. GER – Nürnberg, K4

17.05. GER – Hamburg, Astrastube

18.05. GER – Berlin, Bastard

19.05. GER – Dresden, Scheune

(to be continued)

Just listened to PART CHIMP for the first time – impressing. Their music is noisier and rougher but still reminded me of BITCH MAGNET for it’s impressing force. Somehow heavier and more bassy guitars than KYUSS ever had, maximum distortion and desperation. I also like these emo style whimpering out-of-tune vocals. Find their releases on Mogwai’s Rock Action Label.

Here’s an mp3: “Iron Pond”

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