Feeling sick and sore since I woke up today (maybe…

Feeling sick and sore since I woke up today (maybe connected to an unreasonably high dose of alcohol and cigarettes I enjoyed last night). I tried to associate it with something nice and thought of Andersen’s mermaid, you know – every step she takes feels like walking over shattered glass… especially heartbreaking (and therefore perfect for self-pity) in this 1975 czech-bulgarian movie with Miroslava Safrankova.

Having had thought of it anyway these thoughts finally settled it: I spent almost two hours at the hairdresser today fighting sleep and getting some blue streaks.

Anyway – yesterday SUNSHINE and THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS played at K4 and I had a great time with lots of people I like.

This Is A Call To Arms has been the nicest regional musical surprise for quite a long time for me, great guitar music somewhere between screamo and indierock. Don’t miss out on them!

And of course it was nice to meet Sunshine again. For a while we met almost regularly, playing shows together and all that, and then I didn’t hear of them for almost two years so that it was a lovely surprise when Kay emailed me last christmas and what doubled the surprise was that he mailed from the studio were they recorded with Bernd Burgdorf, the guy who also was responsible for the last Pink album. Another surprise was to hear yesterday that Tricky worked with them for one song. It’s weird to hear those ‘big’ names in context with a band that played their asses off in the indiepunk scene all over this planet and therefore has always been strongly connected with it for so many years. I wish them the best.

What I can say from listening to the new songs live is that with the synthies being replaced by a second guitar they somehow lost some of their wave influence and are rockier than ever.

I took some pictures at the show last night, and most turned out to be pretty shitty when I looked at them today, especially 90% of the Sunshinepics but it was my first time so I guess I have to be patient – it can only get better. To take a look at a few of them anyway go HERE.

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