Last night we had ISO 68 playing at the K4 (F.Zim…

Last night we had ISO 68 playing at the K4 (F.Zimmer of LALI PUNA and Th.Leboeg of KANTE) and I’m not sure what I think of it. I somehow expected it to be a bit less jazzy and a bit more abstract electronics, or with a bit more edges. Still I really enjoyed it as a relaxed yet complex show.


I was surprised when I read today that the next album of AUTONERVOUS (aka Jessy and Billy of THE VANISHING, a goth postpunk band that almost sounds too much like ‘way back then’, you know, like Tones On Tail etc.) is going to be released on Fatal Records, HANIN ELIAS’ label. Not that they wouldn’t perfectly fit in there with their dark vamp style, but what a contrary to GSL who released their ‘Songs For Psychotic Children’ album. In the same newsletter was an interview excerpt of HANIN with a theory on war that’s so convincing that I wonder why no one has thought of this before 😀

“War is Sex – but it is not necessary and can be changed. I think men created war cause they wanted to create a ritual to copy the female menstruation and bleed and invent something to be useful when the hunting times where over.”

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I’d like to dedicate the mix I did yesterday, “Wolf Child Tribulations”, to Stefan, who introduced me to PATRICK WOLF‘s ‘Lycanthropy’ album and with whom I share the disappointment that there will be no show in Nürnberg on his upcoming tour although we really tried…

🙁 (looks like we have to drive to Munich for a show and watch ISO68 again who play support.)

He plays wonderful fragile electronic folk, like e.g. Ekkehard Ehlers’ MÄRZ, but with a heavier use of instruments like violin, ukelelee, accordion and the likes, and a voice that vaguely reminds me of Marc Almond, and like Almond this young beau from London seems to like posing in a Pierre&Gilles style.

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