It took me a day to recover — and I still feel…

It took me a day to recover — and I still feel in desperate need of this awesome DIY Beauty Kit (video, 12mb or 2mb) for selfmade nosejobs, liposuction or breast implants 😉 — of Friday’s Sophisticated Boom Boom – it was such a great night! The first two hours people were just nodding and watching the video stuff, but after a block of Mash up visuals and Devo’s “Whip it” video, we turned the beamer off and then it only took two songs and people were dancing until curfew. I guess what finally broke the ice was when, after a cd-error forced a little silence, The Darkness crashed in. We had the musically most broad minded party guests ever, I’m really thankful for that – following us when we cruised from Avenue D to T.Rex, from Mudhoney’s “Touch me I’m sick” to Superpitcher, from Jay-Z to LCD Soundsystem or Phoenix. It’s great if you see people enjoying themselves and cheering and clapping to such a broad variety of music. I always missed this kind of dancefloor style where you have a round of electro, half an hour of hiphop, followed by a couple of indiepunk songs – you know, the kind of dj set that lives of exploring how long you have to stick to one genre and when to have a hard break. We had so much fun and really enjoyed ourselves getting so many smiling faces for our selection.

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Apropos ‘You’ll dance to anything’ – some sad news: Dave Blood (DEAD MILKMEN) killed himself two days ago.

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My musical and visual recommendation for today is SSION, pronounced ‘Shun’, as in the final syllable of ‘passion’. This is about really dirty dancing, cheap synths, with a raw garage rock feel, shrieking vocals between Sleater-Kinney and The Make-Up, theatrical approach – and that’s the only problem with it, if you want to call it ‘problem’: they are said to have the weirdest live appearances, with costumes and all, and the music on it’s own isn’t that impressing – not bad, but the album – ‘Opportunity Bless My Soul'(Version City Rec.) – only worked its way into my heart when I watched the 4 contained Quicktime Movies – with pictures it unfolds its greatness. Awesome humor, poking fun e.g. at the current love for goth aesthetics in “let me hear you cry” (nice how the bandshirts say everything), or at guitarwanking rock cliches in “what makes a man start a band?”. And I love the self-contained sexy look on Cody’s face while he’s neon nosepicking. The band is the brainchild of Cody Critcheloe, seemingly part wanna-be Madonna, part wanna-be Guy Picciotto, and he is the guy who did the artwork for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ‘Fever To Tell’ album; he is a queer film artist, illustrator, performance artist… Go check SSION’s website out and buy their cd!


“What makes a man start a band?”

“Call out the lions”

Video excerpts:

“Let me hear you cry”

“Call out the lions”

“Anorexia rules, o.k.!”

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Rumours have it that mighty GUYANA PUNCH LINE might have split up – that would be really really ruin my day. It’s possible that Ch.Bickel already has a new band, the NEWGENICS – I hope it’s just a project, like CONFEDERATE FAGG, his queer 80s metal band.

I also still strongly recommend the lecture of his reviews at, e.g.:

The greatest punk anthem of all time: Renaissance – Village People



Sadly my most favourite one (about Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’) is no longer there like many other brillant ones.

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