The deadline for the next edition of YOT Zine is a…

The deadline for the next edition of YOT Zine is approaching and as always I’m pretty worried if I’ll be able to finish my part in time. This last week before it goes to print always clouds my mind. I’m really glad to have the distraction of helping to cook for the CRESCENT & MOVIETONE show tonight.

I found this really good interview with ’emo-tronic saviour’ (I think ’emo-tronic’ really is a nice new subgenre expression for the likes of XIU XIU, isn’t it? I seem to like my drawers… 😉 ) Freddy Ruppert aka THIS SONG IS A MESS BUT SO AM I and would like to share it with you: Light Up The Sky Zine. The part about him shivering uncontrollably on stage reminded me of THE PAPERCHASE singer, so I had a look at their website too and there’s news of these guys: They have a new album waiting for release – it’ll be called “God Bless Your Black Heart” and singer Mr. Congleton says about it: “I hope it hurts like hell.”

I’m really jealous on all you U.K. guys cause they tour there right now. 🙁

(March 16th Barfly – Glasgow

March 17th Croft – Bristol

March 18th Cavern – Exeter

March 19th Wheatsheaf – Oxford

March 20th Freebutt – Brighton

March 21st Needles – London)

And I’ll sit here sullenly grumbling and watching their online video of “Don’t You Wish You Had Some More” instead, the title feeling more sarcastic than ever.

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