Today there’s a big punk festival at the venue I w…

Today there’s a big punk festival at the venue I work for and to get me in the right mood for it, I made my punkiest bootleg mix yet: “Black Heartattack“, combining Black Eyed Peas and The Bronx. 🙂

Who’s around Nürnberg tonight should definitely check out the Little Rusian Percussion Tour with DJ VADIM, DJ WOODY, MC YARAH BRAVO, BLU RUM 13 at DESI.

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“We have decided how sad it is for other people that they cannot appreciate our genius…”

A friend lent me HEAVENLY CREATURES and I watched it yesterday – awesome. It’s a Peter Jackson movie (1994) starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey as friends who get a bit carried away with their imagination and creativity… It’s based on a true incident of two girls killing the one girl’s mother for fear of being separated.

It’s nice to have female heroines and allusions to lesbianism who go beyond turning on men, that’s rare. It’s a wonderful story about an intense friendship, a story about how sticking together helps those two girls to lean up against repressions and differing values, but it’s also a dark tale of the dangers of escaping from reality into imagination, of crossing the border between imagination and madness. Sub-subjects like first sex being not so nice for almost any girl, the teenie-obsession for a star, trying to be the star and not only his admirer, the dream of going to Hollywood, the cliché of the marriage counselor who wrecks her own marriage, parents’ fear of homosexual offspring, differing values in a rich and a poor world, you have Pauline/Juliet mirrored in other pairs, like OrsonWelles/MarioLanza or the king and queen of their fantasy – I don’t remember it all, it’s so rich in details. It’s weird to follow Pauline’s growing hate for her mother while it’s Juliet’s father who wants to separate them from each other and it’s Juliet who seems to have had the worse childhood. Great movie, watch it!

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I’m no big friend of spiders but there’s one kind I really despise: ticks. Living with a cat who’s out in the woods and gardens most of the time I’m used to tear out these little suckers in summer – but now it’s only april and still cold and all, so I was rather disgusted to have a really big one, sucked as full with blood as it can be, jiggling about on my bedclothes yesterday when my cat slept there. Uaarghs!

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