I’ve not exactly been in mood for writing much the…

I’ve not exactly been in mood for writing much these days, but I finished a new song and put it online in the music section, “I’m some story being told” – get it and let me know what you think of it!

Yesterday I had a little accident and I’m glad it was only the car that was damaged and I got away with my neck and back hurting just a little bit. Still it sucks, cause it means I have to spend money I don’t really own for repairs cause the bonnet is bend out of shape and one of the lights broke… 🙁

Upcoming Thursday, June 13th, I will play my first short live show with Unmono as support for Xiu Xiu. I’m pretty excited, hope it all works out. Cris (Unmono) had some brillant ideas to complement my songs, especially with the latest one and I can’t wait to record a version with him on it.

Next Saturday the Propellas (a kind of network for female artists, especially djs) organised an event in Leipzig to which I will go: “Bodybilder” (it’s a german word play, “builder” is pronounced like the german word “bilder” which means ‘pictures’) – “Gender, Perception/Awareness, and Identity”. There will be readings, video features and lots of music. (UT Connewitz, Wolfgang Heinze Str. 12a, Leipzig)

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