“Tell me, tell me What have I done wrong? Ain’t …

“Tell me, tell me

What have I done wrong?

Ain’t nothing go right with me

Must be I’ve been smoking too long.” (Nick Drake)

KID COMMANDO played at k4 yesterday and they were genius, outrageous and ridiculous – I really loved their show. You should really try and catch them on their tour, and if you can’t: Go to their website and buy their new album “Holy Kid Commando”!!

After that we had an old friend visiting: JÖRG FREITAG did spin some records through the night and methodically killed any frequency of my hearing with his wonderful wild elektro and techno music.

And there also was BUCOVINA CLUB upstairs, a balkan and gypsy music disco, that kept KID COMMANDO’s singer dancing for hours.

One of the greatest and longest nights I spent for quite a while. Thanks to anybody involved!

I put up some pictures of the KID COMMANDO show >> HERE .

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I was pretty busy the last weeks, so I haven’t yet found time to properly thank FAKE ID and MCSLEAZY and BUMTSCHAK for the remixes they’ve done of eve massacre songs – merci beaucoup, messieurs, I feel honored and really enjoy these! 🙂

FAKE ID did a great electropunk stomper, in the vein of bands like THE FAINT: “I’m Some Story Being Remixed”, get it >> HERE and also visit his website ELEKTROBANK.NET for other electrobollox remixes of HOT HOT HEAT, ELECTRIC SIX and many more! Using the pseudonym LIONEL VINYL he is also one of the bootleggers who do mixes for MTV MASH, and you can find some of his Mash Ups on this website too – my favourite one atm is DIZZEE RASCAL vs THE STROKES!

MCSLEAZY made a beautiful slower one with a dark and desperate feel to it, also of “I’m Some Story Being Told”, you can get it from >> HERE . MCSLEAZY is the guy who started and has all the work with the GYBO messageboard that is somehow the centre of the Bastard Pop Scene, where lots of people post links to their mp3s and comment on each others tracks. MCSLEAZY is also pretty busy with MTV MASH, and his website is MCSLEAZY.NET and there you’ll also find great mp3 downloads, for example his remix of KELIS’ “Milkshake”, but this busy Glaswegian also works on an album of his own songs.

And it was only today that I received a third remix, PELOTON’s Totentanzmix of “A.C.A.B.” that you can get from >> HERE . It is a marvellous smooth and soothing minimal techno track, really nice. PELOTON is a german guy who also did bootleg mixes calling himself BUMTSCHAK and who’s blog is well worth visiting too – his website is called SUPERMARIO.BROTZLER.NET and he also does cool dj mixes for your downloading pleasure.

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