“keep quiet little shy boy, no need for all that t…

“keep quiet little shy boy, no need for all that talk, what’s with the tendency? the dullness of today’s what’s fighting with me, still, I’m scared of everyday to find that I am me. what’s with the bitter in the taste, and the bitter in yr face?”

Rapider Than Horsepower

Seen too many shows, talked to too many people. Exhausted in a pleasurable way.

Still I’m happy that we didn’t cancel the BLONDE REDHEAD show – their concert last night was really beautiful, they really are an outstanding band. I’m absolutely in love with Amedeo’s meowing voice and the tightness of them playing together.

It also was nice to meet so many people that drove many kilometres for this – I think the record distance was 700 km.

I took a few >>>pictures.

On Monday we had ADAM GREEN playing. I’m not really into his music, but when he entered the stage, all gawky and with an irresistable smile, I kind of understood why people love him. First artist in a while whose backstage we had to defend from fans… 😉

And last Friday I watched THE YELLOW PRESS and 10 VOLT SHOCK playing at 027 in Fürth. I wasn’t really in mood for a punkrock show on the night but 10 VOLT SHOCK really rocked me into it, and THE YELLOW PRESS simply blew me away. They gave a perfect 30 minutes fix of swirling postpunk that left you wanting more and still stopped in exactly the right moment. Presented by humorous and lovable guys, one of their singers is the former TORCHES OF ROME singer. Don’t miss those guys live! I took a few

The album that makes my days is RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER ‘s ‘Stage Fright, Stage Fright, This Is My Big Night’, a combination of their first two eps, released as double 12″ vinyl by one of the nicest labels around: Level Plane.

RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER is guys of RACEBANNON (yes – the awesome singer who sounds a bit like Patton) and two others, they are a four piece from Indiana. It’s a weird pop music take on confusing posthardcore/indie music, one of these albums on which you discover something new everytime you listen to it again. They sound, well… maybe like slower softer Blood Brothers… or like 2004 reborn Captain Beefheart… or you better check it out yourselves, here are links to some live versions:

“Especially If It Helps You Breathe”

“Upon the Bandstand”

“Saddle Up!”

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