Been to a wonderful party last night – Christo…

Been to a wonderful party last night – Christoph of BOMB MITTE dj-ed vs MAOS RACHE in the basement of a recordstore. Nice people, great deko, awesome music, from dub to grime to weird cut up stuff and beats international. Thanks for this great little night! You can look at some pictures I took >>>here.

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Lazy Sunday afternoons being perfect for watching movies, I’ll give you some nice music video links of ARTIFICIAL ARMY, Simon and Jackie, who used their gift for the GSL and 3.1.G people as well as for ANTICON and MUSH artists.

On the GSL website there is a disturbing KILL ME TOMORROW video. Their album ‘Garbageman and the Prostitute’ is great – if you are into artsy postpunk you should definitely give it a listen. I didn’t really like their EP but this one is a killer.

“Born To Be Filed” hi bandwidth

“Born To Be Filed” lo bandwidth

There’s also a nice video for a FREE MORAL AGENTS song on the GSL website. They do chilly abstract hiphop pop with a dark organic jazzy feel and some electronic bleeps.

“Lay down” video (mov file)

On the ARTIFICIAL ARMY website you can watch two more vids: BOOM BIP & DOSE ONE’s “The Birdcatcher’s Return” and THE LOCUST’s “Live From The Russion Compound”.

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