I finally made a small website for SOPHISTICATED B…

I finally made a small website for SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM, the DJ team I’m part of, there’s not much on it yet, but if you’d like to have a look: www.sophisticatedboomboom.de

There’s a blog there too in which I will try to regularly post some links to bootleg mix / remix favourites of mine.

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Last night we had BALZAC playing a japanese horrorpunk outfit, pretty much sounding like the MISFITS. The show was fun, although musically it was a bit dull for my taste, but I would also say that about MISFITS today. The evening was visually great – those horrorpunk kids did great painting jobs on themselves, jet black khol and blood red lipstick in their faces that would have made KISS look natural and healthy, boys you couldn’t tell from girls, and painted wounds and fakebloodstained bandages around arms or legs. I put some pictures up here.

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It’s really great what bands will come to Germany this autumn, it’s really fun to book shows at the moment, although the greatest combination we had planned won’t work out: glitchpop darlings DAT POLITICS (i like costumed bands) with the chaoscore villains DAUGHTERS (both still will play our venue, but not on the same night). Instead we’ll have the Alternative Tentacles Wavepunks PHANTOM LIMBS play with the Daughters, which also seems to guarantee a crazy night. Another great though improvised show will be CAN’s DAMO SUZUKI playing in / with a band of our choice, it’s his idea of touring atm. And not to get bored in August a friend of mine and me created a new dancefloor: NUROTIC SOUNDSYSTEM where we’ll only play glitchpop, breakcore and the likes.

Shows around here I’m looking forward to in July are SPERMBIRDS tomorrow night at the Kunstverein and CE’CILE on Sat. 31 at the K4. In Würzburg one of german’s greatest old school emo hardcore bands YAGE will play one of their final shows at the Cafe Cairo on the 24th, with FUCK U IS MY NAME.

Of course best show of all will be our POP! HARBOR open air with THE OLIVER TWIST, THE SECONDS and GENETIKS. 😉

So these are my recommendations for listening:


from Cologne play this kind of discofied postpunk that might remind you of LES SAVY FAV or THE ROBOCOP KRAUS, hymnic and hysteric. Their singer also plays in VON SPAR. This song has a nice mini-cover-part of a DURAN DURAN song.

“Manipulate the Image and twist Fiction and Reality into a Schizophrenic Time Slip” mp3

THE SECONDS from New York play thrilling no wave – furious, sassy and with razorsharp guitarlines, but with a certain snotty but straight punkrockfeel to it. Brian also plays in YEAH YEAH YEAHs and ZACH also plays in EX-MODELS.

“Right Way” mp3

“Say Hey” mp3

GENETIKS from Nürnberg play dark and intense wavepunk in the vein of DAF or EA80.

“News” mp3 snippet

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