I kind of neglected this blog for a while but now …

I kind of neglected this blog for a while but now I’m back. There’ll be lots of reviews, there were some really cool releases lately.

What kept me so busy lately was for example a new little printzine, TOY, one of the follower-ups to YOTzine, that we only finished yesterday. And I also still work on the Eve Massacre & Unmono tour for November, there’ll be new dates added every now and then. And I plan on self-releasing a little cd with my music, for which I asked Herr Müller to do the artwork cause I adore his work. Get a glimpse of his work www.ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.de!

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The Fiction: I Told her That I Like Living In A Box
(Level Plane / Nova)

Intense and dodgy – this album rocked its way into my aural canal pretty fast. From bold aggro attacks to little whirling break outs and the perfect dose of melodies they get pretty much diversity out of their trio line up. Soundwise they remind me of Gravity bands, and that’s sure not the worst way to sound. Also nice: all three of them sing. Erm… yell. The lyrics don’t do much to me, it’s your average personal politics lines – not bad nor good, there’s simply too much of those lyrics out there. Musically, like I said, it’s a really brisk release.

Here’s a link to a streamed song, “Bad Glass“.

Oh – and there’s a Joy Division cover on it, “Ceremony”, played with that breeze of sloppiness that made so much of 90s indierock charme. It might have been more interesting if The Fiction hat transformed it into their sound it but it’s still a nice version.

What I can’t spare you is a little grumbling about the band’s info sheet. It says “The Fiction is a testament to the idea that three young men can still get together and rock without succumbing to unnecessary pretense or vapid ironic clichés; a rarity in independent music today”. Hey – out of any kind of humans it always has been the young men who had it easiest to simply rock out. Plus: In my opinion you don’t claim things like honesty or authenticity in punk. Either your music suggests it or it doesn’t.



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