Today I got a handy little recommendation for …

Today I got a handy little recommendation for people from my area, I put up a drive sharing board for people who love live concerts as much as I do:

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Last night I’ve seen YEAR FUTURE live and it was good. Not as outstanding as you might expect of a band with their background (Sonny of THE VSS, ANGEL HAIR and GSL records), and my brain really seems to work on some kind of delay these days:

I had listened to their EP a couple of times and always had another band they reminded of on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t name it – yesterday I finally could make it out: they sound a lot like SCRATCH ACID, the dead cool noisy dark wavy predecessor of JESUS LIZARD, only that YEAR FUTURE’s singer does some more screaming live, which I really enjoyed. Their drummer who had played in THE PATTERN before, was awesome. Sadly the guitar was a bit too quiet, so they didn’t sound as energetic as they seem to be able to.

The other thing that got me thinking hard was from where I recognised their guitar player, and it took me until this afternoon to recall his face: he played in DEAD & GONE, an old Alternative Tentacles band, that reformed and switched to GSL a couple of years ago, and back then they also played a show at K4. They were a rather cool gloomy deathrock kind of punkband. I didn’t recognise that they already had split up again. :,(

Here’s some YEAR FUTURE mp3 links, go get their stuff!

“Police Yourself”

“Some Bodies”

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