TURBOSTAAT played a phantastic show here last Th…

TURBOSTAAT played a phantastic show here last Thursday, their energy and fun on stage are soooo contagious! They play this nice mixture of old school german punk like Boxhamsters or Dackelblut, but add a certain emo feel to it that makes their melodies somehow more intense and all fresh. I took some pictures.

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Last night I’ve been to a party (SOKO 90441) with DJ HELL and Mr. Bad Haircut played a nice but not especially surprising set (built on tracks like Tiga’s “pleasure from the bass”, Dave Clarke feat. Chicks On Speed’s “she’s in parties” cover etc.). Alter Ego’s “rocker” with Beastie Boys “check it out” vocals on top was cool.

We had fun. The crowd was really into it. Drinks were too expensive (thanks, Tobi! 😉 ). The other DJs (ICEE and Mark Reuter) played far too straight stompy technoid crap for my taste.

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I think I didn’t recommend it yet here: I’m really into that new RITON album, ‘Homies and Homos’. It’s all about funky plainness and has some cute highpitched vocals in an early Bowie or Scissor Sisters way. It’s not at all like his first album. Riton is Henry Smithson who seems to mainly spend his time DJing between Manchester and London, remixing Human League or Rund DMC, and now he released this really nice little smash hits album between soulful stompers, indie, glam rock and electronica.

The “Killing An Arab” cover version isn’t the most inspired one ever but hey – it’s still way better than last year’s stupid electronic Blank&Jones version of “A Forest” featuring Mr. Smith himself.

You can listen to some Riton snippets on this website . Sadly I didn’t find any full mp3s.


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