Great download opportunity: Kill Rock Stars ha…

Great download opportunity: Kill Rock Stars have a live album of experimental indienoisepop darlings DEERHOOF as free mp3s online! Get it here! It’s called ‘Bibidi Babidi Boo’ and contains some of their nicest tunes.

If you don’t already have I really recommend getting their bittersweet “Milkman” album (released earlier this year on KRS).

We had THE FALL playing at K4 last night and once more I got reminded of why I don’t like those big, ‘professional’ shows as much as the small ones. There are many more things to take care of (especially if a band tours without backline), and I always end up being rather wasted when the show starts. Same yesterday – when they started playing I was too tired to go upfront and just watched it from somewhere in the back. But they were nice guys, Mr. Smith didn’t live up to his bad reputation. 😉

And their show? It rocked and all, Mr. Smith used about every microphone he could get hold of on stage, and Mrs. Smith was especially cool, but somehow they failed to really fascinate me – maybe I’ve simply been to too many shows lately.

One of those shows was TREND at the Kunstverein, punk with a little bit of a Gang-Of-4-feel in it. I already liked their album and wasn’t surprised that they are a hell of a liveband. Their singer excused himself for not feeling fit but I can’t imagine how he would have done more jumping around – he really was all over the place, incorporating the audience (especially the ladies: he wouldn’t have had to tell us that he was solo – he really fawned on any woman that came too close to the stage.) I loved the bass players super dry sound and they were all really energetic. Oh, and they have some songs of their album ‘Das Produkt’ online:

“Aus dem Schrank”

“Das Produkt”

Tomorrow we’ll have a relaxed movie night with popcorn: JUNK – a Queer Shorts Trash Movie night at the K4, come over if you’re in the area! 2 and a half hours of underground films. And after that KATASTROPHE will play, a transgender hiphopper from San Francisco.

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