*.. wishing wells ..* A good friend of mine, Tine…

*.. wishing wells ..*

A good friend of mine, Tine Plesch, gave us a big shock last week by getting sick of a blood poisoning that made her fall into a coma. She still isn’t awake but at least in a stable condition. It makes me feel incredibly helpless and angry and I can’t think of anyting elso to do but hope that thinking of her and deeply wishing her well reaches her somehow.

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“razorblades, galangalangalang!” – eve massacre shirts

The wonderful little eve massacre + unmono tour starts this week on Thursday and I’m really looking forward to playing live, especially after having had a great time doing so at the Ladyfest in Stuttgart last week. Of course my cd won’t be ready before the 10th of november – I’m always late so that’s no surprise I guess.

Martin, who did the artwork for it, also had a great idea for T-Shirts and I will carry those as merch. The shirts have a real razor blade sewn on – a razor blade that martin subjected to a lovingly process of rusting and varnishing.

I will also have some coloured 8cm mash up cds with me for those who are still on a slow internet connection. And some old Flamingo Massacres stuff – records and cds.

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Here’s a link to a nice new THE PLOT TO BLOW UP THE EIFFEL TOWER song, their next album will be on Revelation and one of the most interesting labels in noisy adventures: 3.1.G.

It will be called ‘The Fascist Brothel’ and this song makes me pretty curious about it.

The Plot will also contribute to 3.1.G.’s next tribute compilation – it goes out to BIRTHDAY PARTY and reading which bands will contribute makes me sooooo looking forward to this:

“Release the Bats”:

The Birthday Party as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G


Birdland “King Ink”

Cattle Decapitation “Sonny’s Burning”

Chinese Stars “The Plague”

Daughters “Marry Me (lie lie)”

Error “Wild World”

Ex Models “Mutanty in Heaven”

Get Hustle “A Dead Song”

Kid 606 “Blast Off”

Kill Me Tomorrow “Junkyard”

Les Georges Leningrad “Riddle House”

Melt Banana “Faint Heart”

Numbers “Cry”

Rah Bras “Mr. Clarinet”

Some Girls “Release the Bats”

Ssion (featuring Kim Gordon) “Nick the Stripper”

T Cells “Deep in the Woods”

The Oath “The Friend Catcher”

The Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower “Pleasure Heads Must Burn”

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Hair Shirt”

Year Future “Fears of Gun”

And to completely turn this into a 3.1.G. commercial: Check out this nice and weird EX-MODELS video.

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I put up some Nomeansno live pictures of their show in Nürnberg on the 27th and I have to say that they still are one of the catchiest and most charming live bands ever. They conjured up big smiles on everyone’s faces and played an awesome energetic show, joking between the songs, and looking like they really really had lotsa fun themselves.

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