The Queen Of Crime is dead. The last days of our …

The Queen Of Crime is dead.

The last days of our tour were overshadowed by the death of a dear friend: Tine Plesch. Some of you might know as enthusiastic writer for Testcard, Junge Welt, Intro, or from her work for Radio Z.

She died Thursday (4nov) night of a septic shock.

I find it hard to express how much I miss her, and still find it hard to grief because her death came so unforeseen and sudden that I find it hard to accept that she’s gone.

It was as shocking as somehow unreal to hear about her having a cerebral haemorrhage and then about her being brain death before and after playing a show in another town. Thanks to the people who were there to console me. I refused to think about the possibility of her really dying till the end was there because she was a true fighter, restless and idealistic and so contagious – someone so strong can’t die so suddenly.

I learned so much from her and memories of all the wonderful hours we spend talking and drinking keep swirling through my mind. Without her I wouldn’t have found the courage for so many things I do today, and I wish I had a chance to give her back more of the inspiration and power she was for me.

I miss you, Tine, and I thank you and I promise as soon as I’m able to calm my anger and sadness about your death, I will take it as a kick in the ass to make me at least try to somehow

continue what you did so goddamn well so many years.

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