Hello, I’m back from the wonderful little Unmono &…

Hello, I’m back from the wonderful little Unmono & Eve Massacre tour and I loved it. Travelling with Cris was great – thanks for being such a great companion, mate! 🙂

I enjoyed it that the people who put up the shows got us playing with really different kinds of other artists.

Also it was good to meet friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

I would like to thank everyone involved in putting up a show for Unmono and me!

Some tour diary style impressions will be up next.

My album is out now. It’s called “Gestures Of Indifference” and there’ll be an extra section for it soon. For now you can order it from me directly or from www.x-mist.de or get it in Nürnberg from Mono-Ton record store where I will also play a little ‘unplugged’ cd-release show in december.

More news soon.

Oh, and of course I have another music recommendation too: Go check AGENT LOVELETTE’s website and download every mix on there. I love his “Laura & his boys have a party”, especially for the sexy Cure-vs-Scissor-Sisters part (could be longer, dear!), but it’s been a while since he made any mix that didn’t please me. Great stuff.

I’ll also recommend some more bastard pop stuff soon on our SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM blog.

Tomorrow we’ll have our next SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM party at K4 (Königstr.93/Nürnberg/just across the street from the central station).

This time we have some great live guests: NEOANGIN (= Jim Avignon) + NOVA HUTA.

Jim Avignon, so called ‘Andy Warhol of Berlin’, already had a remarkable career as painter backing him up when he decided back in 1997 that he also wanted to start his pop riot in music as a one man band. Since then he has released a lot of CDs using the name NEOANGIN.

Some songs:

“friendly dog in an unfriendly world” mp3

“faq” mp3

“soft rebel” mp3

NOVA HUTA combines very danceable Fake Gay Disco with eastern european love for melodies and an irresistable hip swing – dancing like a young Jarvis Cocker he also manages to bring fun back into electronic music shows.

Listen to one of his songs here:

“bambij robot” mp3

They both got to know each other in 1998 and decided to make electronic live shows beyond boring laptop gazing – they wanted weird and wild shows with dancing and a Dadaistic stage design and a cartoon landscape. By now their analogue multimediashows between crazyness and entertainment already have become legendary.

They will play roughly from 9:30 to 00:00 (5euro) and afterwards SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM will spin their glitter tunes for free.

Say hello if you show up or let us know what you liked and what you didn’t on www.sophisticatedboomboom.de! 🙂

* _ *

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