HINT HINT: Young Days (Suicide Squeeze) Fir…

HINT HINT: Young Days (Suicide Squeeze)

First I was surprised when I read that Gabe Carter of JUNO now plays in HINT HINT, because from their nice EP ‘Sex is Everything’ (Cold Crush) I remembered them as promising dancy postpunk but on this new album they enhance their sound and add beautiful dreamy shoegazer soundscapes that do their best in musically elaborating the english word ‘angst’. Their singer balances on the edge of exaggerating in his nihilist pathos but different from the Pitchfork-Review I think he stays on the safe BAUHAUS-soundalike side. I don’t understand enough of the lyrics to comment on those because – I hate it! – the vinyl came without lyric sheet.

Listen to “Long Branch New Jersey”.

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“Am I the asshole? This feeling is so constant.”

BREATHER RESIST: Split Session (Nova Recordings)

After their mucho celebrated ‘Charmer’ album (Jade Tree / Level Plane) BREATHER RESIST now rerelease an EP compiling songs from their 7″ on Initial Rec. and splits with SUICIDE NOTE and HARKONEN. The six songs on this NOVA release are in the same nice JESUS-LIZARD-epigone style like their album. Aggressive and intense songs, desperate lyrics, overwhelmingly energetic hardcore fun in an old school way. I’m really looking forward to their Europe tour next year.

Listen to “The Second Half”.

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