Have I already mentioned that I also write for the…

Have I already mentioned that I also write for the nice Buttoned Down Disco blog? First write up is about a Hidden Cameras show. 🙂

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time for the traditional last year’s best lists that always make me feel like i’ve forgotten the most important most impressing ones… :-/


::::: breathtakingly lovely live shows ::::::::::::::

Lightning Bolt

Xiu Xiu


Donna Summer aka Jason Forrest

Old Time Relijun

Kid Commando



Dat Politics

Hidden Cameras

::: v ::::: albums ::::: v ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::: non-revolutionary but brisk punk ::::::::::::::

Futureheads: Futureheads

Hot Snakes: Audit in Progress

C.Aarmé: C.Aarmé


::::: sad folky indie with weird sounds :::::::::::::

Xiu Xiu: Fabulous Muscles

Patrick Wolf: Lycanthropy

Coco Rosie: La maison de mon rêve


::::: maximum sexual disco thingies :::::::::::::::::

Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters

Riton: Homies & Homos

Moving Units: Dangerous Dreams


::::: fun with experimental depressivas :::::::::::::

Wolf Eyes: Burned Mind

Thavius Beck: Decomposition

Black Eyes: Cough


::::: retro indie pack ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

TV On The Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes

Death From Above 1979: You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine


::::: contagious dancefloortronica ::::::::::::::::::

Ada: Blondie

Mylo: Destroy Rock’n’Roll

Alter Ego: Transphormer


::::: awesomely fucked up electronica :::::::::::::::

Girl Talk: Unstoppable

Kid 606: Still Kill Sound

Sickboy: Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist

Knifehandchop: How I Left You


:::::: lovely attention deficit punk ::::::::::::::::

The Blood Brothers: Crimes

Rapider Than Horsepower: This Is My Big Night

The WPP: he has the technology

Daughters: canada songs


::::: not many enjoyable hiphop albums ::::::::::::::

Wiley: Treddin On Thin Ice

Beans: Shock City Maverick

Eyedea & Abilities: E&A


::::: also etched into my heart :::::::::::::::::::::

Hidden Cameras: Mississauga Goddamn

Clor: Welcome Music Lovers

M.I.A. & Diplo: Piracy Funds Terrorism

Soft Pink Truth: Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want

The Soft Pink Truth


::::: some s-s-ssssingle hitsss :::::::::::::::::::::

Trend: Echte Russen

Placebo: I do

Jega: Shaft

M.I.A.: Galang

Bierbeben: Schizophrene

Feist: Mushaboom

Phoenix: Everything Is Everything

The Streets: Fit But You Know It

Kaiser Chiefs: I Predict A Riot

Blonde Redhead: Anticipation

Pixeltan: That’s The Way I Like It

Deerhoof: Milkman

Justice vs Simian: Never Be Alone

Vitamin C: Last Nite


::::: cutest remixes ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Erol Alkan: Mylo’s “drop the pressure”

Erol Alkan: DFA 1979’s “romantic rights”

Erol Alkan: Alter Ego’s “rocker”

and the “Erol Alkan presents one louder” cd

also nice:

Mocky – Feist’s “Mushaboom”

Joakim – Air’s “Surfing on a Rocket”


::::: mash up talents :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


agent lovelette




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