2 new mash ups: The Robocop Kraus vs Cardigans, Bi…

2 new mash ups: The Robocop Kraus vs Cardigans, Billy Idol vs The Temptations

“Dancing With A Rolling Stone”
I chose Billy Idol “Dancing With Myself” cause it’s such a brillant dancy rock song and I was in mood for a guitar bootie. The Temptations pella of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” was a real challenge to fit cause it’s so souly, and the (obvious) title “Dancing With A Rolling Stone” made me try to play with a sample of “She’s A Rainbow”, my favourite Stones tune next to “Paint It Black” and “10.000 light years”. It was fun to try chopping and stretching those tunes cause they contrast so nicely but I soon realized that I wasn’t able to turn this into a really good mix. I dumped the Stones and stuck Idol & Tempations and here you go: “Dancing With A Rolling Stone”

“In fact you’re a lovefool”
I first wasn’t sure if I really dug the new Robocop Kraus album cause it sounds so perfect for stadion stages and fits so well into what’s going on in indierock at the moment, you know: Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Maximo Park. All of those are a number too big and too obliging for my taste, like a fashion item that you buy and already know that it won’t please you longer than one or two seasons. That’s what I’m afraid of that it might happen to The Robocops. They are one of the few german bands that I really liked over a long period and whom I know for so long now that it would be sad to see them decay to one of those disposable pop things. They deserve more cause they proved over years that it’s still possible for a band that is really into their music and willing to tour its ass of to ‘naturally’ and slowly grow bigger and build a huge strong fan crowd that sticks with them. Indiepunks like me can be bitches if it comes to the old ‘selling out’ subject. Other than many of their old fans I don’t think they did so. They simply have made a really good indiepop smash hit album but they’ve always been a pop band so no one should be surprised. I wish them all the success they deserve.
They will play an album release party at the K4 and while I was making a flyer for it I had the idea to combine their emo disco stomper “In Fact You’re Just Fiction” with the Cardigans’ Romeo&Juliet heartbreak-pop-acapella and indeed: those two almost melted together by themselves: “In Fact You’re Just A Lovefool“.
And here’s the flyer.
Oh, and last night one of my dear music nerd friends told me which other album cover the Robos’ “They Think They Are The Robocop Kraus” album cover hints at.
I give you a day or so to guess before I unveil it!

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