Just a little info about a show I’m really excite…

Just a little info about a show I’m really excited about: Tomorrow, Friday 1st of July, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD and ARIEL PINK will play at K4 Nürnberg. Here’s a little info and some links to tunes and videos – don’t miss them live!
Ariel Pink from L.A. blends Lite FM and warped lo-fi pop into something beautiful and confusing, yet highly addictive. Think autistic kids covering Brian Wilson or Tom Waits singing a nursery rhyme or Shakespeare eating shit in an alley or Jesus giving birth to a pack of bear cubs.

Check out this beautiful song from the Paw Tracks website:
Ariel Pink: “jules lost his”
They Here’s a little video (.mov) snippet from “loverboy” and a whole video for “for kate i wait”. If you like the playfulness and weirdness of early The Cure videos you’ll most definitely like these too!

Ariel Pink also draws, here’s a link to his sketchbook.

Les Georges Leningrad are Montreal’s most notorious post-punks and are much beloved for their over the top stage shows and unique take on various genres including no wave, punk and electro sounds.

Here’s two great songs from their US label site:
Les Georges Leningrad: “sponsorships”

Les Georges Leningrad: “supadoopa”
And on this website you can watch “supadoopa” as video!

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