Time to tell you that my latest song, “48 Crushes …

Time to tell you that my latest song, “48 Crushes On You”, is online and has already been nicely remixed by two guys whose work I really appreciate: TONE396 made a dubby remix and AGENT LOVELETTE headed for a bitcrushed direction.

Here’s the links:

Eve Massacre: “48 Crushes On You”
“48 Crushes On You” (TONE396 remix)
“48 Crushes On You” (AGENT LOVELETTE crushddd remix)

Here’s the lyrics:

– – – – – – – – – –
“48 Crushes On You”

I’m a morphodite love song

I’m a bi-curious scream queen
And yes, I’m a better man than you
I’m a female macho
I’m a handcuffed hunk
If I was your personal Batman, what would you rather be?
Would you be Robin or Catwoman or would you be my Batmobile?

I got 48 crushes, I got 48 crushes on you.

I’m a morphodite love song (sing “I”)
I’m a lipstick lezzie
I’m a part time breeder (be mine)
I am 48 genders and rising (48 times 48)

I’m a multiple choice vamp (vampire)
I’m a high heel butch
I’m phallistically aroused (rise higher)
I am 48 genders and rising

Nipples don’t lie
– – – – – – – – – –

Gender diversity is a subject that often keeps me busy. I think that life is so much more colourful and full of possibilities if we accept that there’s no limit to the facets of gender we actually have. Instead of eliminating gender I’d rather play with it and accept that I have dozens of gender identities, depending on the situations I’m in or with which people I am. It goes so much further than just being a woman in one situation and a girl in another, being a whore to some people and bearing motherly features for others. When I put on my mascara and lipstick I sometimes feel like a boy who plays with make up. Sometimes the dominance I learned by achieving my position as one of few biological females in a mostly male context makes me feel like some tough guy and I even find myself acting like one, for example sitting with my legs wide open and resting my hand on my thigh in a macho pose. The next moment it’s the other extreme and I find myself holding my cigarette or glass in a totally effeminate camp way. I like that. And I like to watch this happen to other people too. I don’t really feel like getting profound on this right now but I hope you get what I’m talking about. That’s what this song is about: I’m 48 genders and rising. Of course it also is a love song. And thanks to SUZIE QUATRO and SHAM 69 for inspiration. And thanks once more to René CKID for forcing me one step deeper into the endless possibilities of Fruity Loops. 😉

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