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Goodies from the audiopets radio show on radio z I did last night: I mp3d this sad song special editing out my spoken words and exchanged some songs for some I didn’t have time to play. If you wonder why this sounds more like autumn or winter mood: Here in Nürnberg it’s been raining all day yesterday and after the show (that was on from midnight to two a.m.) I walked home for longer than an hour through the heavy rain without umbrella or raincoat. It felt awesome to become slowly drenched to the core while walking through dark streets and listening to slow and sad songs. Here’s the soundtrack, try it too but don’t forget to take some Umckaloabo or Echinacea afterwards! 😉

There will be four mixes, each ca. 30 minutes long.
Each will be up for one week, incl. cover jpg.

Cover.jpg in hi-res


“I woke up and one of us was crying”

Four Tet: Iron Man /black sabbath (V.A.: Everything Comes And Goes)
Arthur Russell: A Little Lost (World Of Arthur Russell)
Fireside: Beautiful Island, Ugly Natives (Hello Kids)
Dinosaur Jr.: Thumb (Green Mind)
Elvis Costello: I Want You (Blood & Chocolate)
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy: Music & Politics (Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury)
Joanna Newsom: This Side Of The Blue (The Milk-Eyed Mender)
Willis: Word Up /cameo (V.A.: Rewind 4)

* * * * *
sad audiopets mix #02
“There is thunder in our hearts, baby”
will include cover versions by Nostalgia 77, Pavement, Iron & Wine etc.

sad audiopets mix #03
“When our hands touch under water I’m as sharp as broken glass”
will include emo as emo can be songs by Karate, Mineral, Codeine, Antony & The Johnsons etc.

sad audiopets mix #04
“The sound of laughter makes you sick”
will include some real dark tunes by Bitch Magnet, NIN, Human League, Bonnie Prince Billy etc.

– – – – – –

‘mixed’ by eve massacre

artwork copywronged from (some really beautiful pictures on there!)

Like always: if you like what you hear please buy the albums and support the artists!

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