I feel so thankful for the wonderful night at the …

I feel so thankful for the wonderful night at the Ars Electronica in Linz! Loved the shows, loved the people – it was great! I was invited to play at a night with RIOTKATZN and ZIMMER, and to spin some tunes with my friend Tobi as NUROTIC SOUNDSYSTEM. The drive there was already nice cause we avoided the autobahn and stuck to the smaller roads along the huge river Donau. Beautiful landscape. I almost gave up my plans for a holiday spent on writing and recording on a tiny castle at some scottish coast for a yacht holiday with friends on the Donau. If someone feels like sending money to support these plans, simply ask for my paypal account! 😉

The Cafe Strom is at the river and we sat outside for a while where you have a nice view view (Look in my website’s photo section, Tobi took some nice pictures.) and had a nice time talking with the lovely people who organized and played or did visuals that night. How cool is it to have your names on a huge ticker on a building?!
Tobi made a little .avi with my digicam, you can watch it or download it from here.

Oh, and we got great food: spits with soy chunks, champignons, onions, fennel, etc. with an awesome lemon chutney served on banana leafs. The night started late, at 23:30 on a Sunday night, so I was really surprised that a lot of people showed up. RIOTKATZN started and they are a really cool multimedia spectacle: a mixture of theatre, glitchpopnoise inspired laptop music and awesome visuals. The visuals very cool throughout the whole night. I played and first was a bit excited cause I rather play on the floor between people than on a big stage but it was fun because of the really positive crowd. After me ZIMMER played and he surprised with a really good stompy breaksy cut up dance set (while we had we expected him to play something like the soft indietronica he plays as HENRY OK). Then Tobi and me started our dj set and it was fun, even though at some point it was quite empty but after a while people came back inside and danced euphorically to anything we played. And I mean a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. The usual suspects: The Bug, Kid606, End, Sickboy, Drop The Lime, Hrvatski, Zea but also Madonna’s “Get into the groove”, a Slayer breakcore piece by Player, Agent Lovelette’s “Lil’ bit damaged” and “Hombre” rmx, Poj Masta’s “scorpio” and a lot more. We really had a great time, thanks to everybody involved. 🙂

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