“A Quick One” – a party and new music “A Quick On…

“A Quick One” – a party and new music

“A Quick One While (S)he’s (almost) away” (based on THE WHO)

Ach, I’ve meant to write another extensive blog for at least two weeks now but don’t find the time to. So this is at least a short one to make sure you don’t miss out on some great things:

Tonight, if you can make it to K4, Nuernberg, Germany, there’s our last SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM Party this year!
(The best things in live are free, so there’s no entry fee.)
Will it be a sweet & romantic humming celebration of the first snowflakes that tumbled from the sky today? Will it be a musical middle finger screaming “Fuck winter!” in the face of the coldest season? You have to be there to find out.
Holidays and sickness reduced the dirty disco pack of DJs to the max: Ckid, Discobert and Eve Massacre play their fave tunes from all genres. No rules, no mercy.

* _ *

I mentioned it before: CKID and me, we have a new breakcore pop project that’s called LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI. One week before our first live appearance we have finished two songs and CKID put them online:

“Oh Tragedy!” mp3
It’s a kind of multiple cover song and all songs but the WIPERS’ one are about dreaming. I wonder if someone really is able to name us all the songs we included?!

“Spontaneous Tourette Syndrome” mp3
Based on MY BLOODY VALENTINE song this song somehow developped its own life.

Let us know what you think of those! We are curious.

* _ *

That’s it for the moment, I have to pick my last records and leave.

xoxo .. eve

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