“Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it Unspoken ex…

“Oh it’s not real if you don’t feel it
Unspoken expectations
Ideals you used to play with
They’ve finally taken shape for us.” (Cindy Lauper, “Goonies”)

LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI (CKID and me) played its first live show and it was soooooo much fun! We had strobe and noise and blacklight and messages we threw at the people and toy torpedos in the audience and soap bubbles – I really enjoyed it! Here’s another song by us for your downloading pleasure: “My Bed Is Your Fortress“.

* _ *

LADYFST NUERNBERG comes closer and closer and I’m really starting to get excited. If you don’t yet know about it, please please please go to our website or myspace profile! You really shouldn’t miss out on this, it’s gonna be a fantastic week-end!

The balancing act between politics and party, between workshops and music, between differing feminist attitudes, between being non-commercial and commercial is leaving its traces and we really should spent more time talking about all those things. I know I could spend days discussing those topics but now we still have so many practical things left to do that the theory side of the organisation has to wait.

If you live in Nuernberg and would like to help with hospitality: There’s lots of guests from other cities and countries who urgently look for private accomodation. So if you have a guest bed or sofa or even just some space on the floor please go to our messageboard and let people know!

If you look for a place to stay also don’t be shy and post your request there!

* _ *

Using DEAN GRAY as a pseudonym Partyben and Team9 made a downloadable mash up album of Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’. It’s called ‘AMERICAN EDIT’. It’s one of the more consistent efforts of a mash up album but doesn’t really satisfy me. Maybe it’s that the basic idea of mash ups is to bring different music together and sticking to one album limits the potential rollercoaster fun experience. There’s one really good song on it, “Novocaine Rhapsody” (mixing Green Day with Queen). The album received a ‘cease and desist’ after a week and is offline at the moment. Forbidden fruit tastes better. A lot of people think this album is really outstanding. A ‘Gray Tuesday’ is being organised on december 13, meaning: on that day whoever takes part puts the album online on their website, so it will be downloadable from dozens of websites and will be spread very fast. The whole action is a reference to Dangermouse’s ‘Grey Album’ and its ‘Grey Tuesday’. Go to gray.alt.fm// if you’re interested.

Although I think any action taken against the stranglehold of the trends in today’s copyright laws is good, for me the whole thing leaves a bitter taste cause it once more seems to show that people only protest if it’s about fun and mainstream (Though I often am cynic myself: Oh, how I hated that cynic Live8 thing and everyone who put those Make-Poverty-History links that some people put on their websites.)
There is some free music online and the legal owners of the originals protest.
= How dare they! That’s an attack on freedom of speech and artistic freedom!
There’s socalled ‘security’ and economic arguments threatening great things like open source software, take for example the Digital Millenium Act (USA), or th Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (UK) or the European Union discussions about that subject. = Hardly anyone cares.
Again: I’m not against actions like this whole Grey Tuesday thing. It only makes me sad to see with how much fervour people protest here while they don’t give a damn if there’s no pop and fun and freebies involved.

Anyway, my favourite Green Day mash up ever hasn’t been included on ‘American Edit’, so I put it up for you here – hoping that’s okay for the maker! 🙂

TONE 369: Woo Makes American Idiots Fuck War

It’s ‘American Idiot’ mixed with Public Enemy & Busta. TONE369 also has some really good mixtape mp3s (you might call it podcasts, I won’t) online here: “Rawramp.Blogspot.com” – punk, reggae, glam. What more could you ask for.

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