Here comes a new free download song for you: For t…

Here comes a new free download song for you: For the GYBO PRIMAL SCREAM challenge I mixed their song “Miss Lucifer” with GRANDMASTER FLASH‘s “White Lines”. It’s not really a mash up. It’s more of a remix or simply sampling & karaoke fun. When it felt that I needed another bit of bass line that fitted “White Lines” I added LIQUID LIQUID‘s “Cavern” and to vamp up the beats I added some funky “Original Black Magic” by INFEKTO. To top the tune off I sang some lines from “Miss Lucifer” with slightly changed lyrics: “Skinny boy dressed in black / Leather boots, nazi hat / tattoed black panther, vampire cape / sexy dancer, magdalene grace”. Here’s the mp3 of the song (rightclick and ‘save’):


For those who asked: The “Helpless Fool For Love mix*1” is available again. Get it from
here (leftclick). We also put another LOST IN THE SUPERMAKI online, check

Fancy something like show reviews? Here you have a few lines about RYE COALITION and THE BUG.

When RYE COALITION came to town, it was a bit of a hectic day for me cause my Mom celebrated her seventysomething birthday and I was half there and half at the K4 helping in the kitchen, checking riders of upcoming shows with our soundguy than drove back, drove my family to a restaurant were we had dinner, yummy mexican food but with lots of garlic, and no chewing gum left, yuck, then drove back to the K4, had missed the GHOST ROCKETS who played first, but came just in time to chat a little with friends and to get overwhelmed by a sudden and immense after dinner sleepiness. Drinking two Club Mate and the musical ass-kick of RYE COALITION soon woke me up again. When they started playing they made me think of Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” (one of the best rock songs ever written), if only for the brillant drum player. They played an awesome rockshow, and seemed to warm up the longer they played. There was some nice band/audience interaction too, it was a cool show. Despite all the stories about them being a bunch of arrogant bastards when they last toured Germany lots and lots of years ago (they last played at the K4 about 6 or 8 years ago with EA 80) this time they were really nice guys. Polite and all. I especially enjoyed the night cause I met two dear friends I hadn’t seen in a while: Martin, who drove RYE COALITION and Paul, who came all the way from Prague for a visit. Paul managed to make me really nostalgic, thinking back of the times when my old band used to tour a lot and we met him every month, or so it seemed, either when he was with a band that played at the K4 or we met him somewhere on the road when we played shows with Pleasure Forever and the At The Drive-In guys and so many more. Especially one show in Spain keeps popping up in my head: We met him when we played with Pleasure Forever and The Fucking Champs and it was a stormy night in some village at the sea and the venue was a former slaughterhouse, really cool, and the wind drove the sand in the air and in your eyes when you weren’t careful and people smoked lots and lots of weed at the show which made me quickly forget about my cold and I was totally in love with the flamenco-handclaps that people in the first row did – ach, it was wonderful! [sorry, nostalgia mode off.] Well, I made a knot in my mental hankie to remind me of really really really planning to visit him in Prague some time.

A couple of days later THE BUG played at K4, and Mr. Kevin Martin and his technical claims almost drove Tobi (who cared for the show) insane, but somehow it turned out to be okay and he would play the show and I’m so happy he did! It basically was a dj set but with lots of sample / final scratch usage and very diverse music. He started with short ragga bits and pieces, I think from the stuff he had done with Warrior Queen. I felt it was cool that he started his set with female vocals over his dark agressive music because it kind of withdrew a bit of the male/power cliche that often is connected with ragga. At first he did short cuts with hard breaks but then smoothed into a more danceable yet still very heavy and loud set. Oh, and of course there was fog and strobe, sometimes even so much fog that it made me go outside to smoke a cigarette. There were some smile moments (for example when he played a snippet of “99 Problems”), oh, and he played “George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People”, and my favourite Wiley tune, “Wot U Call It” (but he hardly played any grime). I can’t say what I liked most about his set. I think the experimental instrumental parts in which he built up really heavy tension with noisy grinding synths were the most intense ones for me. I think it was fun for him too cause he played longer than he had planned and he played encores.

The next night Ckid, Stefan and me dj-ed at an electronic music festival in Hersbruck. I didn’t have to drive, that’s why I drank far too much but not toooo much if you know what I mean. Jim Avignon came with us from the Nuernberg central station (he played there as ‘Neoangin’) and Tommy drove and René had cute toy gifts for us from visiting Frauke in Japan and a nice blinking plastic being that rode on the turntables (my only turntable action on that night was turning over the slipmats that got huge tits printed on them, and I stuck to cds) and yes, I really had fun there, even though the high frequencies dropped out every now and then. I had fun until some Neonazis showed up, or more exactly: until I realised that the promoters didn’t even think of throwing those hater assholes out. There were excuses like “as long as they don’t cause trouble” and “here in Hersbruck things are a bit different” – oh my! It was a big surprise for me cause I thought it’s an integral part of our subculture scene not to tolerate the intolerant. I didn’t want to play party tunes for Nazis, so I played stuff like Against Me’s “Baby I’m An Anarchist” and MDC’s “John Wayne Was A Nazi” and tried to explain to one of the promoters why that was an absolute intolerable situation for me and to be honest: I was glad that it was at the end of the party cause I really didn’t know what to do. Too drunk to dare and care to be more offensive myself I kind of played along and I felt really bad about that for a couple of days. If this ever should happen again I definitely will stop playing and leave. And I definitely will not play for those guys in Hersbruck again. Just because you’re not the target group of that right wing scum’s stupid hate and agression doesn’t mean you can look away and ‘tolerate’ them.

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