“I steal the night away Drivin my life away, danci…

“I steal the night away

Drivin my life away, dancin'”

(R.Gibb, “Juliet”)

Today is a mess. I haven’t done any of the things I planned to do. I’ve spend far too much money on ordering single malt whisky. I had an annoying hiccup. I always get hiccups when I eat plain bread. I hate it.

I also hate putting CDs back onto the shelves. I swear, they secretly breed. I have them sorted by alphabet so it totally sucks to move half of the alphabet because of one new GENDERS cd. (Note to myself: Stick to buying cds from Z artists, ignore the As. Zeni Geva, Zongamin, ZZZZ, Rob Zombie, that’s the shit. But then: would you sort Zodiac Mindwarp as ‘Z’ or ‘M’?)

What also annoys me: When I buy a DVD I don’t want those stupid commercials and warnings on them. If I spend money on a legal copy I want it to be free of such crap. Imagine having that on vinyl: You buy an album of, let’s say, Codeine, put it on, sit down, relax with a glass of red wine in the middle of the night and pow! – suddenly at the end of the A side you have Snoop rapping a commercial for his next album.

* _ *

As the mighty McSleazy surprisingly announced a PLACEBO challenge on GYBO, I quickly had to have a first go. Here’s the short and silly but rocking result: “The Bitter End” mashed with overused pellas from BEYONCE ft. JAY-Z, AVRIL LAVIGNE and 50 CENT. (Rightclick and save to download.)

“Bitter Kitten” mp3

* _ *

If you don’t know yet what to do tonight and are in Nuernberg, I have a recommendation: THE ELECTRIC DOG (DJs B.Orange, Yellowman57 and Paluka 82 – you can check their playlists at their cute little website here: www.the-electric-dog.de) have a party with Jool (ELEKTRONISCH ROCKEN, GO GITARRE GO) at the Z-Bau (Roter Salon). I’m sure it will be great. (It better BE great as I don’t want to regret trudging my way through that stupid snowy mess outside!) 🙂

* _ *


J Dilla (or Jay Dee) was a producer (and MC) who made some great and memorable music with and for Common, The Roots, D’Angelo, Erykah Baduh, De La Soul  and many many others.

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