“I want more!” – Kid606, Soph BB and new free down…

“I want more!” – Kid606, Soph BB and new free downloads

“Every satisfaction opens up a gap of ‘I want More!'”
S. Zizek

Exciting days, exciting nights. The KID606 show at K4 last week was fun. I put up some pictures in the photosection of www.evemassacre.de (direct link is here). I’m glad that although it was a Sunday night (after a Saturday night that had people cueing all along the street for Bucovina Club) enough people in dancing mood showed up. It was fun playing live with Ren as Lost In The Supermaki again, and we even had one new song. In this one we sample my favourite Saul Williams’ song and Against Me! and the lyrics play with “Bat Out Of Hell” and “Never Be Alone Again”.
Dear Mr. Casioheart put the song online for you here:
“Let Me Be Your VST!” mp3

I loved Kid606’s set. He played wonderful crossgenre attacks, some techno, some ragga, some whatever, for about 2 hours when he finished with a beautiful noisy slow tune. He made me wonder if there are finger exercises like you get them for piano lessons for Kaos Pads too. Mr. Miguel was also a really nice person. Even if he said himself that all good musicians tend to be social failures. Also there were enough people to have fun and fill the room (about 50) I think it’s a poor turn out for an artist like Kid606, even if you consider the show was put on so late that we couldn’t get any press but only promoted the show with flyers and posters. I wonder were this lack of enthusiasm for electronic live acts comes from. Especially if acts like Dat Politics (15 paying guests last year, such a shame!), Jamie Lidell, The Bug and now Kid606 are really great examples for how much fun and for how intense it can be. Maybe it’s cause all their fans rather linger at home behind their laptops and don’t have a sense for live experiences at all. I really don’t know. But we won’t give up until our enthusiasm infects all of you! 🙂

Last Saturday we had one of our Sophisticated Boom Boom parties which was rather enjoyable too. Although it was hard to get people dancing at the beginning of the night. The first two songs that worked were “Blue Monday” and “Pull Up The Poor”. After each of those people left the floor instantly and stood there and stared at us. Weeeird. Then the floor was filled with people dancing to Peaches’ version of “Gay Bar” and believe it or not: I cleared the floor instantly with “Because I Want You”, a wonderful new Placebo song.
As sweet revenge take this:
Here’s another Cebo mix (with “Protge-Moi” vocals on Tiga’s remix of LCD Soundsystem “Tribulations”:
“Protect My Soundsystem” mp3

Later that night every tune we picked seemed to satisfy, and we and all guests had mucho fun, with songs like Prince’s “Black Sweat”, Beatsteaks/Turbostaat “Frieda und die Bomben”, the Kanye cut up “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, Eagles Of Death Metal, Aphex Twin or even Bon Jovi’s “Runaway”, Akufen, Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah – ach, I loved it. Only down side: My sore throat and headache tells me I caught a cold agaaaain. I hate it but it was worth it! Next time is 21. April. Thank you everybody for a wonderful night! Lost in music! I can’t stop drooling over you people who enjoy music in such a diversity! Death to monogamous dancefloors! 🙂

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