“No Safety No Dance” – a new song I tried to make…

“No Safety No Dance” – a new song

I tried to make a new song.
You know, with beats and all.
I got stuck.
I realised I still have that nasal voice from my cold so I took my acoustic bass guitar, wrote a sad little lo-fi country song and after adding some Supatrigga and a second pitched voice and distortion it sounds rather nice.
At least in my ears.

Get the mp3 (2minutes, 160kbps) from here:
No Safety No Dance

You say you think you know me better
You think you can tell wether
I’m about to break up or make out
And I sure wish that was true

But I’m afraid you will never
Never ever, never ever
Never ever get as close
As not just to buy what I sell

Oh sweetheart, oh my dear friend,
Please let’s not take this down into the dirt
Understand that my fingers aren’t broken
Doesn’t mean that they don’t hurt

And that i’m not dancing tonight
Doesn’t mean that i’m not right here by your side
And that i’m not laughing at your jokes
Doesn’t mean they’re not heard

Oh I wish the second glance
Would really show more than the glam
And that I wouldn’t be the good faker
That we both know that I am

But my friend, I’m afraid
This door has been locked for good
We better keep our safety distance
And we both won’t get hurt

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