“I don’t think of the past” – rubbish, diary, new …

“I don’t think of the past” – rubbish, diary, new mix, new show

“I don’t think of the past. The only thing that matters is the everlasting present.”
W. S. Maugham

I’ve spend a couple of hours today cleaning my flat, mainly sorting out old stuff. I’ve just got rid of four large cardboard boxes of old paper. Now I feel like running back and getting it back out of the bin. It was stuff I had accumulated over the years – letters and postcards from friends I got over the course of the last 20 years, articles, old concert tickets, old posters… do you throw away such things? Or are they too precious as souvenirs from your past?

I have kept them for lots of years and haven’t ever looked at them. Still now that I finally threw them away I feel slightly bad for doing so cause it means getting rid of a part of my past. I feel a bit like plucking on a daisy counting down the plucked leaves: “I want to remember” – “I want to forget”. I guess it has something to do with ‘to forget’ meaning ‘to let go’ or meaning ‘to do away’ or ‘to repress’. And I’m aware that throwing some of those things away will cross them out of my memory cause I’ve also found a diary I had totally forgotten about. It’s quite scary to read through your own past as if it was someone else’s. It feels like dumpster diving my past, hoping to find at least some useful thoughts among all the rubbish. This younger self was weirder and above all much more insecure and troubled than I remember it. And there are lots of things I wouldn’t ever have remembered again if I hadn’t found that book. Not only details but also some events I can’t believe to have forgotten. Strange thing, our memory.

* _ *

“Miserable Girl” by Soulwax and “Needy Girl” by Chromeo (especially the Bloc Party remix which was much better than that recent Placebo remix by BP) were some of my favourite tunes of last year but… hey, there’s really enough songs by boys  lamenting about some girl’s bad habits. So I thought this deserves being re-bitched. Lazy as I am I haven’t made a new song but a kind of remix: “The Sun Always Shines On A Miserable Boy (T Talking)”. (Yes, the ‘T’ in ‘T Talking’ stands for ‘testosterone’, dear.)

I assume now you already can guess the ingredients:

Soulwax: Miserable Girl (Nite Version)

Soulwax: E Talking

A-Ha: The Sun Always Shines On TV

and some additional vocals by me.

You can download it from here (rightclick save as):

The Sun Always Shines On A Miserable Boy (T Talking)

* _ *

If you live in Nuernberg or nearby, please don’t miss this little festival:

The outstandingly brilliant truly underhyped face-melting live acts are:





Amaaaazingly awesome, I tell thee! 🙂

It’s 90% female musicians and the money from the door will be used to cover the expenses of LADYFEST NUERNBERG 2005 (there still are some debts to pay – please help!)!

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