“But still we can dance” – The Flamingo Massacres …

“But still we can dance” – The Flamingo Massacres For Free

“Resistance isn’t futile
Remember that still
We can dance”
(The Flamingo Massacres)

I found a live recording of my old band THE FLAMINGO MASSACRES. I usually am no big fan of recorded live music but when I listened to this it brought back loving memories of how intense and how much raw bloody fun playing with THE FLAMINGO MASSACRES was!

The Flamingo Massacres were a postpunk / hardcore / indiepunk band, a female threepiece that existed from 1997 to 2002. It consisted of Lari Wagner (bass guitar), Micha Koedel (drums, vocals) and me (bass guitar, vocals).

The sound of that live recording is quite okay, I have bandwidth left, most of the songs have never seen a proper recording and release cause we split too soon – enough reasons to share them. They are a bit screamier and faster than our older songs. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

For free download of those songs and two studio recorded ones go to this little site.

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