“Magic Moments Memories We’ve Been Sharing” Perry …

“Magic Moments
Memories We’ve Been Sharing”
Perry Como

Melting Pop 2 was the best night in ages!
Party subculture at its best! More than 700 guests, as far as I know, but it didn’t have that anonymous careless mass feel that I hate about big parties. It had more of a Sister Sledge feel in a “We Are Family” sense. Thanks to everybody who helped! Especially Seppo! And Robert and Wally! And Herr Müller! And the bar and door people! And of course many kudos to all of the DJs who helped decorating and even more thanks to those who stayed till the end to clean up the mess! I was home at 7:30 in the morning and was still smiling when I closed my eyes.

Go HERE to look at a lot of pictures of the night.

And here’s another lazy mix I made: “Cruel In Here” (Tiga: Hot in Herre (Serge Santiago RMX) + Ace Of Base: Cruel Summer) -> download

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