“All you crazy people” “All you crazy people come…

“All you crazy people”

“All you crazy people come on jump around
Maneater I want to see you all on your knees, knees
either want to be with me, or be me” N. Furtado

A few quick rants before I’m off to TRAINSPOTTING Festival.

On October the 14th there will be a Neonazi march in Nuremberg. They want the Nuremberg Trials (yes, those Nuremberg Trials!) to be resumed. I can’t fucking believe that they are allowed to have this march for that reason while there otherwise are laws that help you sue your neighbors barking dog. Do something about it, friends. Of course there will be a demonstration against them. Get together, get informed (for example here). Be there. It’s your bloody city.


Where are the girls? No matter if you watch the VMAs or if you got to your local shows, you will only find about as many women as you can find female construction workers in this country. And no: those crippled souls that pose as r’n’b divas on the leash of their not-so-metaphorical pimps don’t count.


Yesterday’s news said that the EU discusses having warning signs on alcohol bottles similar to those they put on the cigarette packages. The reason they give for this is that alcohol consumption has risen. So there’s no money to invest in the reasons for that rise but there’s money to invest in another stupid campaign. As if people don’t know about the dangers. The worrying thing is that people care less and less about consequences, and that IMHO is a sign to invest in making people’s lives a bit less scary and insecure and dull. Of course sticking some warnings to bottles is cheaper and easier.


There’s a new reality show on german’s TV. It is called ‘Wie die Wilden’ (‘Like Savages’). It’s about an average german family moving to an african country. The entertainment factor is the culture clash: the natives are so amusingly primitive and the civilised germans have to struggle with their new environment. (BTW I’m getting tired of using quotation marks as a signal for some meta level cause I find I could use that for every third word I’m writing these days. Arrgh.)
Ridiculing what’s different, a neverending source of mirth. Mirth with just the tiniest hint of creepiness cause there might be the possibility that all those crap culture-clash- or cross-a-limit shows do something to people’s inhibitition threshold that no one will be able to fix again.


My mash up colleague Dunproofin spread some lovely news for my Earl Grey addiction: Tea is good for you. Healthier than water even! I’ve always known that all that dehydration talk is rubbish! Read about it here.

And why not go get Dunproofin’s awesome “Stupid Stupid Stupid” mash up from his blog here? It’s the best take on Nelly Furtado ‘Maneater’ ever! Useless pop trivia: ‘Maneater’ was inspired by Eurhytmics’ ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’.

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