She’s In Parties ” Hot lines under a rain of drum …

She’s In Parties
” Hot lines under a rain of drum
Cigarette props in action
Dialogue dub, now heres the rub
She’s acting her reaction

She’s in parties
It’s in the can”


Of course the next party massacre is already waiting for me and you and everyone you know: D!SCO !NF!LTRATORS, next Friday, 15th September at the K4. Sounds simple but is very effective: Stefan Wagner and me will be playing electronic dance music for you. And us. And everyone we know. That’s why I’m almost deaf by now cause I’ve listened to lots of disco techno tunes today (you just have to love those triple – almost quadruple! – alliterations). Scroll to the end of this blog posting to find a charting playlist of what rocks my techno boat at the moment.

Here are a couple of free downloadable tunes for you:

The first two are for the dancefloor:

JANIK JASMIN (also known as PALUKA82 as dj of ELEKTRONISCH ROCKEN and THE ELECTRIC DOG) has made a couple of wonderful remixes of my “48 Crushes On You” tune, and I still owe him to pick a fave one, which really wasn’t easy. This is it:

EVE MASSACRE: 48 Crushes On You (JANIK JASMIN ‘Thunderbirds die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden’ RMX) MP3
I love it and you should love it too!

The second song I have for you is a re-worked version of a remix I’ve made for the first and final release of a befriended band, THIS IS A CALL TO ARMS. To be honest, there’s hardly anything left of their song. I still like calling it a remix and I still like it. That’s why I put it online for you:


The third song is a mash up:

Here’s a link to the mp3.

* _ *

As I’m just listening to it (thanks to the fastest mailorder on this planet, X-MIST): Please, how cool is the new SUPERSYSTEM album? Yes, it lacks the slippery shininess of THE RAPTURE’s People album. Yes, it lacks the instant dancefloor hits you might have expected, especially after the RAPTURE’s remix of “Miracle” from SUPERSYSTEM’s last album has rocked so many dancefloors. Instead you get more world music bits and pieces, on the percussive side as well as in the postpunk singalong choruses that often sound slightly uncomfortable (in a good way). Where the RAPTURE album sceams “dance! now! you sexy motherfuckers!” the SUPERSYSTEM leaves you with a shrugging relaxed “you can dance if you want to”. Where the RAPTURE’s new album does hardly more than fulfil expectations (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I think I will like it for a season or two) the SUPERSYSTEM’s new one sounds simply like their the next chapter in their musical development. They sound like it’s about trying things, not about the effort to keep the cool up. Where RAPTURE sound a bit stuck SUPERSYSTEM sound like they still are moving on, exploring, taking in the world and creating. Actually comparing them with THE RAPTURE is bullshit anyway but it happened in a couple of reviews I’ve read. Sorry for jumping the train.

* _ *

A little flashback: Last weekend was pretty exhausting as it already kind of started with getting drunk and staying out late at the RANTANPLAN show on Thursday. It was wonderful to meet my old friend Ingo of TCWTGA and chat through the evening. As if he wasn’t busy enough already he is just about to set up this new mailorder thing, check it out:

I was a bit sad and bitter on that day as the show I had been looking most forward to this autumn had been cancelled: CHARIOTS + GET HUSTLE. I won’t go into details but if I hate one thing then it’s when bookers lack responsibility and respect for the bands and promoters they work with. For the moment Dial Booking definitely are crossed out from the list of people I rely on and work with.

I wasn’t really in the mood for watching the show but what I saw and heard was good. CREMASTER, who played first, had their faces painted dark and one of them wore a pumpkin like a helmet and they played a charmingly shaky wave punk set. RANTANPLAN were more punk than ska, which I totally prefer, and they really rocked the sweating crowd.

On Friday I had the pleasure of spinning some records with Miss Kitty, also known as FRAUKE BOGGASCH, whose art you can check out on her website.

She and DOMINIK SITTIG have just published a book: ELEND – Zur Frage der Relevanz von POP in Kunst, Leben und öffentlichen Badeanstalten (MISERY – About The Relevance Of POP In Art, Life And Public Baths) and I got it as a present. 🙂 It contains essays by people like Sonja Eismann, Martin Büsser, Dietmar Dath, René Margraff, Mercedes Bunz and many more, and also interviews with artists as different as Peaches and Nomeansno. I haven’t read it yet but will write more once I’ve gotten to read it. Go buy it! Now! There also are two exhibitions with Frauke’s stuff: One is in Vienna (info here) and one will start on my birthday, 20th September in Nuremberg at the Kunstbunker: ‘Abstraktion und Überleben’ (Abstraction And Survival) (info here).
Oh yes, and djing with Frauke was fun. The venue wasn’t exactly crowded but there were enough people dancing to have fun and some of those certain “wow! yeah!” moments. We played a pretty unpredictable ping pong set – Dead Kennedys, Trentemöller, Grizzly Bear, Metric, electro house, japanese happy hardcore, breakcore, punk, hardcore … thanks to the openminded people who danced to that wild mixture! It was a pleasure.

I enjoyed a superlazy Saturday until it was time to pack another bag of music for a goodbye party of two friends who are going to move to Berlin, Cris SONICMONO and Salvina. Stefan and I were the djs and it was nice again. It was in a student’s thing, we were in a room that usually was the model office for architecture as you could see from some sketches on the walls.


– off topic: I’ve just listened to the MSTRKRFT remix of the PANTHERS’ “Thank Me With Your Hands”. Oh dear. To think three of the PANTHERS’ guys have played in an awesome pace-setting band like ORCHID and MSTRKRFT has half the personnel of DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 in it. Is it that what it takes to produce a track that sounds like a below average RADIO 4 song? Oh dear. I mean: it’s not totally bad, it’s just so sad in its exchangeability. –

The goodbye party on Saturday was great although we struggled a bit with the PA cause it wasn’t the most powerful one and me, I’m afraid of the clipping cause nothing sucks more than an overheated system stopping its work in the middle of a party. Especially if you played vinyl it sounded a bit quiet which isn’t the most exciting way to hear JUSTICE or AC/DC but: it didn’t matter much cause everybody seemed to have fun anyway. At one point there even were four people wildly spinning in office chairs on the dancefloor (you know, the ones you can roll around with). I think it had something to do with alcohol and the BASSSTART posse entering the party.

That’s it from me today, I’ve wanted to write some more, especially about some street action for subculture, KAFF OF SUBKULTUR, that’s going on 23rd September but I’ll do that tomorrow. Here’s a link already:


* _ *

So, here’s today’s electronic music massacre charts:

Robbie Williams: Lovelight (Ravelight Dub Soulwax) – Does anybody already have a decent version of this? It’s wonderful.
Spektrum: May Day (thanks for the recommendation, herr paluka! 🙂 )
Green Velvet: Electricity
The Knife: We Share Our Mother’s Health (Trentemöller RMX)
Scissor Sisters: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Erol Alkan RMX)
Edu-K: Sex-O-Matic (Solid Groove)
Bunny Lake: Bunny Lake (Christopher Just’s Disco Demons Vocal RMX)
Christopher & Raphael Just: Disco 128
Cassius: Toop Toop (Oliver Koletzki RMX)
Crystal Takes Manhattan: Confetti Princess (Kissy Sell Out Mixes)
Tony Rohr: Super Cool Hoon
Goose: Black Gloves
Deichkind: Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah Egoexpress RMX e)
Coldcut: Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz RMX) – a bit calm to fit in here but I really like it
Rah Band: Clouds Across The Moon (DJ Koze Moonboots Kick Ass Mix)
Fatboy Slim: Champion Sound (Switch RMX)
Jaydee: Plastic Dreams (Switch RMX)
Mylo: Paris 400 (SebastiAn RMX)
Para One: Dudun Dun (MSTRKRFT RMX)

My Robot Friend (with Zombie Nation): The Cut
Two Dollar Egg: Turnout
SebastiAn: Ross Ross Ross
The Loose Cannons: Raw (Kissy Sell Out RMX)
The Futureheads: Worry About It Later (Switch RMX)
X-Press ft. Rob Harvey: Kill 100 (Radioslave RMX)
Does It Offend You, Yeah: We Are Rockstars
Benedict X: A Bit Boxy (get this and some other fine tunes from his blog
Cobblestone Jazz: Dump Truck
Cobblestone Jazz: Peace Offering
Kelis: Bossy (Cavemen RMX)
Hot Chip: Colours (Fred Falke RMX)
Mike Monday: Bhalobashi (Argy RMX)
Like-A-Tim: Legs (ZZ Top Cover)
Placebo: Because I Want You (Russell Lissack Of Bloc Party RMX)  – it’s not that good but it reminds me of “Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke.
Metope: Second Skin (Tekel RMX)
Green Velvet: Shake And Pop
Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back (Armand’s RMX)
Lostep: Because We Can
and of course my “Fast Hearts” track (here’s the
mp3 link again)

Robert Rodriguez: I Want To Be A DJ
Scissor Sisters: I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Paper Faces RMX)
Anthony Rother: Sleep
Troy Pierce: The Day After Yesterday
Bell X1: Flame (Chicken Lips RMX)
Claude Von Stroke: Cicada (17 Year Justin Martin RMX)
Claude Von Stroke: Southern Fried Mix (Remix of Justin Martin & Sammy D) – not 100% my kind of humor but it’s a nice pastiche.
CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen Death From Above (Diplo RMX) & (Spank Rock RMX)
Monolake: Alaska
Sikk: My Washing Machine (though I don’t like that kind of male vocals)
International Pony: Gothic Girl (Mense’s Club Mix) (it’s a bit too fluffy, don’t know, something’s lacking)
Mason: Exceeder

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