My lovely friends, this butterfly sat on the wall…

My lovely friends,

this butterfly sat on the wall over my bed for two days:

During that time I made another mash up for you to download:

“Oh Disco!”
Get it from this site.
Beware: it contains Ready For The World’s “Oh Sheila” and the C&R Just track “Disco 128” (bleepy electro fun with bits of Alter Ego’s “Rocker” and Lipps Inc.’s “Funky Town”).

And I made a flyer for my (and hopefully yours too) favourite party in town – don’t miss it! Tomorrow!

Then I thought that butterfly might suddenly decide to die and fall down on my face while I’m sleeping. Or he might suddenly decide to re-pupate and metamorphe into some not-so-nice animal. Insect. Whatever. So I caught him with a wineglass and a cd and set him free outside. I guess by now he’s frozen to death. That’s not so fly.

It would be great to see you at the demo against the Nazis on 14th October in Nuremberg!
For more info go to

R.I.P. Tamara ‘Cleopatra Jones’ Dobson

Oh, and: Ssssssh – We kind of lost track about whom we’ve already invited or not. So if you know Seppo and me well but haven’t got an invitation for our little birthday party tonight at Zentralcafe then please don’t be huffy but come over and party with us anyway.


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