“Grab the system round the neck and choke it karma…

“Grab the system round the neck and choke it
karma karma
punishment, hold it…
my life is a like a book
sometimes i wanna close it…”

There finally is a new EVE MASSACRE tune online: “Fuel”. It is being released as part of the free mp3 compilation FEEDBACK AND DISASTER that consists of tracks that circle around the theme “too much too fast too true too slow”. I’m glad DORIS DISASTER asked me to be part of this. You can download the song from www.feedbackanddisaster.net
There also is a myspace site.

Here are the lyrics (they also should be in the ID3 Tags):

You don’t carry a flag to show where you belong to.
Carrying a flag shows where you don’t.

If I erase all the borders from your map can you still tell me
where’s the country
you’re so proud of?

If I stood you on the border
blindfold you
and turn you around and around and around
will you still find the ‘right’ side?

If I show you a sample
of your blood
of my blood
will you be able to tell
I’m one of us or one of them,
you’re one of us or one of them?

You don’t carry a flag to show where you belong to.
Carrying a flag shows where you don’t.

If I leave you in the dark
will you still know by heart
who’s one of us, who’s one of them,
who’s one of us, who’s one of them?

The fuel to burn all flags is the only fuel I might start a war for.
To end it all.

* _ *

Sooooo… we won! I love my little hometown on days like last Saturday when the Nazis weren’t able to walk more than a couple of meters and got the Smurf song of Father Abraham played at them to disturb their hate speeches. There were thousands of protestors so they had no chance.
Of course it would have been far better if their rally hadn’t been allowed at all but it was great to see so many people come together to show their position. Will it always stay such a toughie for democracy to decide if undemocratic movements should be allowed to use democratic means for their stupid aims?

The night before I had been to Bucovina Club for a couple of hours but somehow it wasn’t the best of all Bucovina nights. I blame the co-op with MTV for too many really dumbdrunk people coming this time. They kind of destroyed the positive picture I had had from the Bucovina night in September. There’s such a fine line between partying and drinking together or just getting stupidly pissed and don’t give a shit about anything or anyone. If the latter audience please could stay away from our events in the future, that would be kind. Actually I’m not just talking about hipster party people. It’s the same with dumbdrunk punks at punk shows or rallies.

This week I’m involved in two very very different shows and it would be really nice to see some of you there cause both of them will undoubtedly be grrrrrrreat!

The first is on Thursday, 19th october at the K4. A friend of mine invited TIJUANA BIBLES to play, a surf music sixties punk band who plays in wrestling outfits and I took the chance to add MISCHIEF BREW to that show.
MISCHIEF BREW is a one man punk outfit that you could like if you’re into the early acoustic AGAINST ME! stuff or WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY – you get it: drinking and politics and simple good tunes go hand in hand. And my friend Gunnar is on the road with MISCHIEF BREW and I’m really looking forward to meet him again. Haven’t met in aaaaages!

The other show, before or after which I’ll be djing with my friend Tobi as NUROTIC SOUNDSYSTEM, along with the djs of MAOS RACHE and BASSSTART, will be a live show of DJ /RUPTURE and FILASTINE. If you like your beats distorted and not just four to the floor monotony, and if you don’t mind some ragga or ragga core that is unspoiled by hate lyrics or sexist lyrics, then this pretty well might be your party and show of the year.

DJ /RUPTURE will play with three turntables and I’m really excited about seeing him live for once cause he’s pretty unique in how he mixes and cut ups and how his whole work is so open for so many different cultural influences and how he brings in politics all the time. I love his ragga work, for example the piece with SISTER NANCY that he still has on his myspace-player. He also has a great blog going: www.negrophonic.com/words

Shame on me: I don’t know much about FILASTINE but that samplewise he also dips deep into what often is not-so-nicely called ‘world music’. Better check out his website yourself: www.filastine.com

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