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“I think that more than ever the entertainment industry is trying to serve as a distraction, to keep people from thinking too hard.”
Guy Picciotto

You clearly can’t say that about a SUBTLE show. I’ll keep my review short this time: It was great again, and they have some extra respect from my side as it wasn’t a repetition of the show that I’ve seen half a year ago. I love how close laughter and seriousness are in their show. Dose One really makes you choke on your laughter sometimes with the clever twists in his stories.
Without ever speaking out an actual ‘message’ their show sill had one: “question everything”. They reminded me of THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY because they have – though a totally different musical approach – this very same slightly disturbing effect on the their audience and still don’t make people feel uncomfortable but at the end of both bands’ shows you usually see a lot of pleased faces. The WIFS’ message maybe goes a bit further: Go out and spread confusion so that people start questioning things.
Another element those bands have in common is that their shows have a narrator as an integral element. You feel personally taken by the hand and led through the songs as if the whole show was a coherent piece in which the last words of the story often are the first line of the song in which the bands sets in precisely. It’s more than a concert, those bands’ live appearences really deserves the term “show”.

* _ *

If you ever get tired of your first life try SECOND LIFE for distraction and you will really get to know what boredom means. Maybe I simply haven’t found the interesting or meaningful parts yet. If someone wants to enlighten me, please tell me about what’s so great about SECOND LIFE. In the meantime I’ll stick to the down sides one of which I find hard to believe is: There are already sweatshop workers suffering from something like this.
Read this.

I find such effects of a virtual world on a real world a bit scary but then: What’s ‘real’anyway? Isn’t everything oh-so-relative anyway?

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“Once upon a time I had a name and a way
But to you I’m nothing but a number”

Every year 68.000 women die of abortions. (W.H.O.)
Every year more than 50.000 children die from acts of violence. (UNICEF)

“Wait a minute honey
I’m gonna add it up”
Violent Femmes

* _ *

I have a late but nice recommendation for going out tonight: THE ELECTRIC DOG, one of the finest club nights of electronic music in this town celebrate their birthday at the DESI. They invited cool guests: MATIAS AGUAYO (one half of CLOSER MUSIK / Kompakt) will be there, supported by his colleague ROCNESS. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful night there!

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Tomorrow, Sunday, I’d like to invite you to the KAFE KULT KUNSTFEST in Munich. It starts at 3 in the afternoon and I’ll contribute a little sound installation. Check out the KUNSTFEST MYSPACE to see what else is going on.

Here’s one of the tracks I’ve made for this for those who can’t come:
“Penthesilea” mp3
It’s in German.
It’s a rather personal prose poetry thing I have written a couple of years ago.
(Here‘s some information about the Penthesilea character.)

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