Hello, it feels weird to write a message like this…

Hello, it feels weird to write a message like this here but it seems easier than writing and explaining to each of you who got in touch with me in the last couple of days and I want you to know why I might not have answered and what’s going on.

Yesterday my Mom died of a sudden stroke. It came as a big surprise and I’m more than confused. One moment it’s painfully real, the next my mind seems to deny that it really happened.

I’m really really thankful for the kind comforting words of empathy I’ve received from those of you who already know about this. It really adds a little strength to these days.

I don’t know what more to write at the moment. I just wanted you to know.

A quick thank you to those who got back to me about remixing “fascistosoulmagic”. Like so many other things I have to delay anything about that until I can think clearly again.


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