2000SICK write-up .02 + new track +…

2000SICK write-up .02 + new track + more

“Since we have no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

It has been snowing since last night. I live under the roof and my windows are blocked by a snow coat and it makes me feel like buried under candy floss. Or by spiderwebs, like Robert Smith in the “Lullaby” video clip. Shoveling is no fun today, a 20cm layer of snow all around the house is a bit too much. Tiga, the cat also didn’t like it. He got all grumpy when he realised that the fluffy white stuff on his back turns into water when you get back inside.

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2000SICK Write-Up #02: Amy Winehouse, Placebo, Hawnay Troof

On it goes with the track-by-track description of what I find so great about the songs and artists that made it into my 2000SICK MIX that thanks to my wonderful host you can still get from this site.

“They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.”
Amy Winehouse

AMY WINEHOUSE deserves to be in here for making a record that sounds like really old rare soul / rocksteady but has a ‘parental advisory’ sticker on it for its explicit lyrics, which makes a nice combination. I like her voice, it has such a brittle charm. My favourite song by her will stay “Fuck Me Pumps” from her ‘Frank’ album.

“Fall into you
Is all I ever do
When I hit the bottle
Cause I’m afraid to be alone”

Next in the mix is PLACEBO and they have to be in there because, hey, I simply love Placebo. They stay my favourite guilty mainstream indie pleasure. For me they are the band that brought kitsch, androgynity and a hint of queerness back to indie when the charts guitar music was dominated by bands like Korn or Slipknot or Limp Bizkit. Of course the ‘Meds’ album is not exactly the best they’ve ever done. For example I had expected so much more from a duet with THE KILLS’ singer. But: ‘Because I Want You’ really has been on heavy rotation in massacre mansion last year. Great melody, great pathos, great indie pop.

I paired it up with HAWNAY TROOF in this mix, who is an extraordinary artist. I first got in touch with his music when I saw XBXRX live, his old band, who played some kind of chaos core with a DEVO touch. They put on a hell of a great show in a 13 minutes set. Later I got the first HAWNAY TROOF album from TCWTGA Ingo and it was a bit too trashy for my taste at that time but I heard great things from his live shows with Alison of BRATMOBILE. I don’t exactly remember when I next stumbled over his music but at one point I ‘discovered’ his weird lo-fi-electronic-meets-beastie-boys-like-raps style for me. I love those moments, when something you’ve heard a couple of times before and it didn’t do anything for you but suddenly it seems to open up and touches you. The latest HAWNAY TROOF aka Vice Cooler album ‘The Dollar And The Deed’ is another brilliant example of that style: Fast, passionate raps about anything from love to politics over rough, intense beats. You can and should buy his album, for example from www.retarddisco.com and you have a chance to see him live in Europe soon: Here in Nuremberg he’ll play at the K4 on Monday, 5th of March. Don’t miss it!

“If we can’t change ourselves
How can we expect the world to change”
Hawnay Troof

As a little extra gift I’ve made a single bootleg track out of that pairing. You can download it from this little site.

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Texas seems to have ruled that linking = copying:
Deeplinking In The Heart Of Texas
The blogger in the article I’ve linked put it quite right: “What is absolutely outrageous about this decision is that, as Internet Lawyer agrees, no actual copying occurred. Generally speaking, if there is no copying, there can’t be any copyright infringement.”
I’d say the only reason to complain about deeplinking is if people ‘steal’ bandwidth.

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