“Terror of joy” – new track, new reviews, new what…

“Terror of joy” – new track, new reviews, new whatever

“I myself am the key
To the next door
To the next
Terror of joy”
Das Oath

First I’ll have a new mix track from my chest, for those who’re not interested in my blurbs but just want the music:

“Teabagging Attack Of The Black Lillies Club”

You can download it free from this sub site.

* _ *

I finally received my vinyl copy of the new DAS OATH 10″.
Musically predictable? Yes.
Nostalgic? Maybe.
7 songs in 10 minutes? Sure.
Hardest to decipher lyrics since Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ album?
Decide yourself:

I say: Yes.
Beckett’s revenge style chaoscore that pumps adrenaline straight into my heart? You bet.
I’m in love.
Thanks for making and releasing this music despite “The Unendurable Pointlessness Of Trying”.

(Oh my, looking up their myspace to link to it for you, I’ve just remembered that ages ago on our final tour with Books Lie we stayed at Jeroen’s place for a couple of off days and how uncomfortable we felt to bother him and how he made us feel like wanting to make ourselves invisible. And how he (of course) had no corkscrew. Ha, and we played our shortest set ever in the Hague, was a show with Books Lie and Arab On Radar. I had almost forgotten about that.
I love Das Oath anyway. Truly.)

* _ *

I’d like to invite everybody to our Thunderbirds Are Now! show at K4 tonight!

After reading this review I’d say
a) we kill all Intro writers (except for Martin Büsser because he really is a nice person)
b) we better do our best to cheer those guys up! Are there soap bubbles left? Maybe throw paperfold birds instead of bottles and be just as wonderful as you are anyway most of the time.

* _ *

I’ve seen an awful lot of shows in the last two weeks and enjoyed most of what I’ve seen.

Blood Brothers in Munich were great. They seem to have more ‘quiet’ parts in their music today, parts that are about wicked rhythms and melodies. Of course there still are lots of screaming and noisy loud attacks too, else it somehow wouldn’t be Blood Brothers, but I enjoy that dancy madness. Reminded me a bit of At The Drive-In back in the days, although they’d never been that screamy. White Circle Crime Club, who played first, sadly never really touch me. It’s as if they have some flying dutchmen curse on them that makes them the ‘forever support’ band. They play good, they look as if they rock hard but somehow they lack that certain spark of originality that catches my interest. I guess ‘solid’ is a word that fits them.

It also was my first visit to the Feierwerk which seems a rather nice venue. We drove there a bit earlier to have a look at the venue as we have a ‘split’ hardcore festival with it in April: Keep It Evil will be in Nuremberg at the K4 on Friday, 20th of April and the following day at the Feierwerk in Munich. There already is a myspace site about it you can add to keep updated with the line up and all.

Next was Hot Club De Paris and Mondo Ray, a show I put on with the Musikverein at the K4. The Hot Club arrived early and were nice guys and were done with soundcheck and dinner at 08:15. They seemed to praise the food even more than other bands. Good vegan food is just one of the pros of punkish, d.i.y.ish venues: the more commercial ones seem to helplessly stick with pasta and tomato sauce if they try for it, and seem to ignore that there’s a difference between vegan / vegetarian cooking and dull ‘cutting out meat, cheese, cream” cooking that clearly is deficient and only helps the prejudices against veganism. Well, back to the time schedule: if it hadn’t been for Mondo Ray who had an accident (luckily nothing bad happened) and arrived late we could have started in time on that night. We really try this with every show but something always seems to happen that makes us start late. Sadly Sarga had put on Sport at the same night at the Club Stereo so there weren’t as many people as I would have wished to see that show but it was okay. The audience was a bit lame that night, especially when Mondo Ray played. I really enjoyed his Speedo/SWAMI rock which he delivered with a backing from CD that hadn’t just beats but a full backing band on it. I wondered if people didn’t get into it that much because of the ‘halfplayback’ thing which would be stupid. I enjoyed it. On two songs Hugo of Subrosa Falcon Association stepped in with wild drumming on a stand tom. The Hot Club De Paris started with a nice acapella intro before leaping into their impertinently catchy postpunk kind of music that is much more intense live than on the album. The little jokes between the songs were nice too, although someone said they tend to say the same stuff every night. Oh, and their drummer wore an Owls shirt which seemed quite appropriate: like with all those Kinsella bands (may I insert that I can’t wait for the Make Believe show in Würzburg in May or whenever it is) the Hot Club give you quirky melodies that even make lazy sods like me want to dance but then come up with break after break and 5/4 rhythms and other oddities. Nice. Hope success won’t make them straight.

Friday’s Not So Super Party wasn’t exactly crowded but exactly what my hungover head needed: a relaxing friendly night out. Saturday I went to the Soulnighter which was fun too. I hadn’t been there for ages. “Across 110th street” was a nice hearts in the air moment. Can’t get enough of that song.

Last Monday then, the An Albatross kids came to town again. Seb bought lots of Krapfen (is the english word for this seriously ‘bismarck’?) we gave away for free and which made it a really sweet and sticky night.

– Apropos: May I interrupt this backflash by complaining that the new Blonde Redhead album sounds like Air? I had to skip through it, couldn’t stand so much sugarcoated boring cuteness. Well, I guess this one will make them really big. Im just listening to a couple of those “you should have heard them” releases. The Arcade Fire album sadly is a bit boring too. Sounds a bit like Springsteen in some parts but isn’t half way as intense. Have I just written that I prefer Springsteen to Arcade Fire? Ouch. Well, bands seem to die too soon these days. No, not ‘die’, that’d mean they split and put a proper end to it. (I’d officially like to thank bands like Death From Above 1979 and the Testicles for doing so.) Instead of that there are far too many bands today who quickly turn into undead pale zombie versions of themselves. Almost as bad a curse as reuniting bands. Police? Van Halen? Cutting Crew? Pleeeeeassse! I’ve really had enough of you back then.
On the other hand: Maybe I just have a bad day. I don’t even like the new Chinese Stars album. I suddenly feel fed up with the sassy singing style that I’ve loved so much about them. Hm. It made me smile though, that the first 13 seconds of “Bored With This Planet” sound like Repeater-era-Fugazi and then switch to 2003-Franz-Ferdinand-guitars. Chinese Stars really are an awesome liveband but that album somehow doesn’t get close to it. Switching to !!!‘s ‘Myth Takes’ now. —-

On Monday An Albatross didn’t play their best show ever but as Against Me! put it: Even at their worst they’re still better than most. I loved the confetti and I loved the organ grindcore and I loved the love story of the night: the Duchess Says drummer was there with his girlfriend whom he had met when they played at K4 last year and now he’s over for a visit. Isn’t that romantic?

Reminds me of bigging up some friends: The wonderful Pirate Soundsystem has made a Duchess Says Remix everybody should own! (There’s also a Juan Mclean one on it but of course the Pirates do it better!) You can listen to it on their myspace and I really recommend downloading their XFM Crush Mix. There’s a link to a free mp3 on their myspace too.

Back again to the An Albatross show: The only thing that sucked was that Dominik had to throw out one guy who mistook hairobics for violent dancing. Duuuuude, you should now that trying to hurt people on a hippie-grind-show will only get you fluffed out! The only thing that could make you look more silly would be if you went up to the guys of the band after the show outside and told them the promoters are nazis and they never should play that nazi venue again. Oh, wait…

*insert a little snigger here*

Oh, and dude: “snigger” is NOT our secret racist hatespeek for “laughing at you”.
Good thing is that now after our cover finally has been blown for An Albatross I don’t have to hide all the swastikas and führer pictures at my home anymore whenever they sleep over.
After the show Osi and Krapfo put on some nice old soul and mod music and first it looked as if no one would stay but after an hour or so a few people started dancing. Eddie joined Krapfo behind the dj desk and they spun some fine music until pretty late. I was awfully tired when we got home.

Next day I was a bit hungover but it was nice to have time for a long breakfast (and for getting shown some hilarious cases of toy ads going wrong on youtube, like Mr. Bucket or The Oozinator). These guys really start to feel like family. 🙂

“Bend over Beethoven” is nice but that !!! record has some serious low points. That bluesy guitar in “Yadnus”? Nooooo, please. Overall it sounds too tame, too clean.

I’ve spend far too much money on records this month so you can expect some more reviews.
Quite classic but nicely energetic hardcore with a rude rock feel comes from La Piovra from Italy (Youth Attack rec.) and the vinyl looks so cool that I took a picture for you:

Another nice record comes from Ireland: Cap Pas Cap released a white vinyl EP on Skinny Wolves Rec. that is called ‘Not Not Is Fine’ and they sound like a cross between Electrelane and Les Savy Fav and back when posthardcore could also mean The Van Pelt (BTW – Does someone feel like selling me Van Pelt’s “Speeding Train” single?). Post punk with a postrock edge. Or rather: postrock with a post punk edge as I consider postrock as not very edgy.

* _ *

I accidentally cooked the worst pun of the week last night. Actually it’s so bad that I really shouldn’t post it. The pun, I mean. Not even I find it funny anymore. To think I’ve bothered taking a picture and post it here is purely pathetic. But here you go:

“Black Eyed Peas suck.”

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