“To the ship” – concert pictures, website up again…

“To the ship” – concert pictures, website up again

“And then it happened to the ship; she was no longer something breaking away from the land, a part of the life of the people standing watching her go. The water glittered up, foreshortening her, and she was just another ship seen from the hotel verandas on the breach front, flecked with colours and movement that must be unimagined people, saying unimagined things in an unimaginable, unheard pursuance of life.”
N. Gordimer, The Lying Days

For the moment I’ve given up on learning PHP and instead put a modified version of my old website back up. Hope it works.

In the picture section you can find photos of last weeks shows. On the Thunderbirds Are Now! night I missed Yucca and only took pictures of TAN!. They really were good and energetic and fun but somehow I felt like watching a second generation band that didn’t touch me as much as Les Savy Fav or Enon or Q And Not U did. Am I getting old? I guess so as I also didn’t feel like going to party with them at some club but stayed at the quiet K4 and chatted with her tour manager until it was pretty late and we got the totally drunk band from the club.

Next day I had to get my car before 2 o’clock so I don’t get a ticket which meant I had to leave before we really could have breakfast together but they seemed nice. On the way home I went shopping for the next band breakfast and met Jessie at the supermarket who also hadn’t gotten too much sleep and was shopping for the next catering attack. That Friday night proved that if the music is good I can’t be too tired or overfed with sound: I enjoyed all three of the bands a lot.

Anything But Yours played their posthardcore / screamo thing really energetic but the audience was a bit lame.

Elision really caught my breath. They played a great show: heavy aggressive tight (post) hardcore with a new school edge (and really: no ‘tough guy’ associations though I confess the singers made me smile a couple of times).

Lvmen were almost as good as in my memory of a show at Hüttenschänke years ago where they played with Weakerthans. Great atmospheric video animation, great slow heavy music. I like that they are a kind of their own. Of course you could compare them to Neurosis and the likes but they sound less desperate and aggressive and differ harmonywise too. They were great but the burning incense stick on the way to my place was a bit much. 😉

Well, that last week I broke my personal band accomodation record: I’ve never before had three bands staying overnight in one week. God or the Invisible Pink Unicorn bless fitted sheets and washing machines. I’m still tired somehow and yesterday some stupid illness got a hold of me but I swear I’ll be back in the saddle till Friday, cause I’m soooo looking forward to our Sophisticated Boom Boom night!

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