“A plague I call a heartbeat” – new Eve Massacre s…

“A plague I call a heartbeat” – new Eve Massacre song + Hawnay Troof pictures online!

“Still this pulsing night
A plague I call a heartbeat”
D. Bowie

There’s a brandnew song up in my myspace player: “The Last Aspirin“. Hope you like it. You can also download it from here for a while. Might not be the final version as I liked it as an instrumental too and might get rid of some of the vocal parts. Thought I’d put it up anyway to celebrate my upcoming first liveset in ages, next Saturday at the K4 at the Nurotic Soundsystem party. I’m already excited. The night before that, on the 16th, I’ll be djing in Mannheim. Check the dates section, I’ve put up a bunch of new dates there.

Here are the lyrics for “The Last Aspirin“:

We’re believing yet another lie
We’re giving it yet another try
We’re receiving another alibi
While we should be leaving

The tasty lipgloss, the breaking glass,
The shaved armpit, the last aspirin,
The long lost key, the softest pillow
This is what we’re surrounded by

The speeding train

We are pirates
So we stay alone
While we’re cruising each other’s homes

We are pirates
We get the cutest scars
While we’re preying on each others’ hearts

We are pirates

* _ *

I’ve put up pictures of the Hawnay Troof show and feel sorry for everybody who wasn’t there cause it was great! He’s such a damn good actionpacked one man show that at the end of the night everybody had a big fat smile in their faces. It also was nice to have him here for two days, and I really hope that XBXRX come to Europe in fall and that they’ll play here too. The pictures are in the photo section.

* _ *

Good news: Screamo’s not dead. Last night we’ve been to Munich cause June Paik, Louise Cyphre and La Quiete played and it was wonderful. Three great bands, friends, the perfect into-it crowd, and a big one too, and it took place at the Kafe Kult, the loveliest venue in town. Lots of confetti, lots of crowdsurfing (of the careful kind), and: lots of beer. I was a bit drunk and fell asleep on our way home. I love falling asleep in cars and I love the moment when you wake up and it’s dark and you have absolutely no idea where you are. Mucho thank yous for driving, Dominik and Melinda!

The night before was less of a success cause I missed the Cut City show. The We Are Your Ladyfriends party kind of made up for it though. I had fun djing with Miss Plappi Dobalina and Martina Timberlake, and yes, that Phones remix of P. Diddy’s “Tell me” is the hotness, and I think this party helped raising the last euros that missed to pay for the debts we had made with the last Ladyfest in Nürnberg. Thanks everybody for that! By now I really feel ready for another Ladyfest. I even miss all the organisation chaos. We have to put up one again in 2008!

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