“Guess who’s back…” Dear Wiley, I’ve already pi…

“Guess who’s back…”

Dear Wiley, I’ve already picked “Eski Boy” as my summer hit 2007 instead of Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” which is too obviously made for that purpose. After listening to an illegal download of your album and finding songs like “Getalong Gang” and “Johnny Was A Bad Boy” not too shabby either I ordered a copy and happily paid for it. I must say my pleasure was spoilt when I opened it and got the in-your-face credits “To God and my father” or something like that. Next you thank your country or nation too, uh? Would be nicer to have some credits for the cool female vocals on “Nothing about me” as her vocals make are the only thing that make the track stand out. Remind me a bit of Warrior Queen. All in all the album is fine but has less of a sense of humour and is more conservative than I had hoped it to be.

My credits for this blog post go to cheap but very long cables and IMAP that let me do my work from the laptop in the garden. It feels a bit decadent to sit here with strawberry ice tea to my right, a dozing cat to my feet (at second look I’m not sure if he’s asleep or hit by a heatstroke), a summer breeze easing the heat… nothing to complain about. Well, one thing maybe: there’s a bird with a worm in his beak fixating me from a few meters away and he obviously hates at me because I sit too close to his kiddie birds that sit in a nest behind me. And if he doesn’t shut up soon I might forget about animal rights for a moment.

I feel sorry for not writing so much lately. On www.evemassacre.org I have at least put up some pictures of shows and parties I’ve been involved with in the meantime. I’ll try a little recap here.

The party with JOAKIM and Elektronisch Rocken and Sophisticated Boom Boom was fun. There weren’t as many people as we had hoped but enough to have fun. Joakim seemed a nice guy and he played a long and great set, one of the kind that takes you on a cruise through different styles without relying too heavily on hits. I like how relaxed and lost in his mixing he seemed. Totally not the fist-in-the-air kind of dj but more the chuckle-to-himself type whenever the crowd gave a little cheer. Nice. Oh, and Frauke’s ghosts&monsters decoration was awesome.

The next show at which I took some pictures was ATTWENGER. They are an austrian avantgarde duo that has a unique way of using with their dialect, using it more like a rhythm&sound tool just as in ragga or some kinds of hiphop. Both of then sing, one plays the drums and the other an accordion. I normally hate german/austrian folk music but they gave it a different feel and most of their music drifted off in postrock or krautrock parts anyway. It was a really good show and left me a bit more open to different kinds of music. Oh, and I loved when Hartl, who djed afterwards, started his set with Villalobos’ “Fiezheuer Zieheuer”. Fitted just perfect.

Another show I’ve enjoyed was the Nuremberg version of BLACK FLAG with Maik of the GENETIKS doing an great and funny Rollins impersonation. They played as support for the ANGRY SAMOANS of which I only watched two songs as they’d never really been my kind of punk and reunion-tours… well, reunion tours are for people who like reunion-tours.

A show that made me like indiepop again was PLUS/MINUS. Great melodies, a dash of noisy guitars now and then, great vocals, perfect level of trickiness, awesome drums that kept the tension up all the time… I loved it. Having an off day they stayed at my house for two nights, at least some of them cause there was a cat allergy problem… I will never get why people who suffer from that don’t mention it before they get to private accomodations. I think I remember one woman of JOAN OF ARC almost choking on her asthma because of it but she didn’t mention anything. Usually it’s no big problem to arrange an alternative place to stay and everything’s better than having people feel uncomfortable or even sick where they stay. I feel sorry for that.

More soon. I’m off to cook me something delicious and maybe going to a COMMON ENEMY show tonight. Build ramps not bombs. Oi. Or “Skate against G8!”. Or something.

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