“It’s the beat” – Party tomorrow, new mash up & a remix

“It’s the beat.”

Just a short blog as I already should be leaving for the DESI’s queer Plüsch und Plunder party tonight.

Melting Pop was awesome. Thanks to everybody who helped making it such a cool event – djs, bar people, guests, dancers etc.! If you took photos please share them with us!

Yesterday we decided to put up a spontaneous party at the K4 Zentralcafé tomorrow, Saturday! It would be cool if you spread the word and come to dance!

* _ *

Shokkaboy (the artist formerly known as Fujikato) has made a remix of an Eve Massacre tune, “The Last Aspirin”. You can listen to it in the player on his myspace site.
* _ *

I have made another mash up: “Teenage Bad Boys” which you can download from this little site.

Hope you like it. I do.

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