“I’m leaving on a jet plane” – recap pt. 1

Finally, a little recap. I didn’t plane crash by the way. All my LOST sensitisation puffed out into naught.

London was nice although the fresh tattoos were a bit of a handicap to be honest. I’m not the most careful person if it comes to my body. Especially when I get drunk. By now they are itching awfully and you better not bother telling me that’s good cause it means they’re healing. I knooow but it drives me mad anyway. I’ve done almost everything the tattoo care list said to avoid: Of course when I first washed the tattoos, thinking it might be more sterile than a towel, I first used a paper hankie to dry them and its fluff got stuck to the tattoos. Hope I washed it all off properly. It said ‘no sweating’ and although I didn’t do sports and saunas the shows and parties I’ve been to came close enough to that. The constant putting on and off of my jacket (damn that smoking ban!) sure wasn’t too good either as more unhygienic fluff got stuck to the tattoos. So it’s no big surprise that parts got sore and I hope they will heal properly so I don’t have to have them re-tattooed.

On Thursday we had TRAIL OF DEAD playing at the K4 and they were really nice guys, also their tour manager. She was super happy about the bicycles we lent them. It was very nice of THE AUDIENCE to play support although – thanks to the agency – we only were able to confirm the show two days before. The plastic cups sucked. The band or the tour manager insisted on those. They slowed down the whole bar thing immensely and the Festsaal bar is too short to have more than five people working there. The staff really worked their asses off but people nonetheless had to wait a while. (Don’t worry: It was a one time only thing.) After having done my part I spent a lot of time outside smoking and talking. I was a bit excited because of the flight and all and was glad that I managed to get home so early that I was able to catch at least three hours of sleep. My biggest fear was to miss the plane as I’m a notorious long sleeper and always late for dates. I surprised myself by getting up in time and packing the final things quite quickly and when i made it to the airport in time I wasn’t worried about anything anymore. Or maybe I only was too tired to worry. I checked in and took a seat outside the boarding zone as I first wanted to finish my drink and you’re no longer allowed to carry plastic bottles with you when you fly. After yawning steadily until I infected all the people that sat nearby and reading the first chapter of Murakami’s ‘Sputnik Sweetheart’ I decided to move on. I was a bit disappointed that my piercing didn’t make the detector thing peep and went shopping menthol cigarettes for Julie at whose place I was to stay in London. Then I waited again. I really don’t know why they insisted on checking in two hours before the flight. I was so tired I couldn’t read anymore, I just watched the planes being dragged to their positions with my eyes getting smaller and smaller until I finally was allowed to board a bus and then a plane. A small plane. Everything on that weekend seemed smaller than I had expected it to be. Jammed into my seat, being hardly able to close the seatbelt – yes, I know I’m not exactly the slimmest person but comfortable is spelt differently anyhow – but happy to fly away. I love this feeling of lightness I get whenever I leave town. I’m one of those people who can forget about any stress and problems as soon as they cross the city boundary. I hadn’t flown in a while and despite my tranquility it was mildly exciting when the huge propellers outside my window started to turn faster and faster and louder and louder. It’s a cool feeling when the plane leaves the ground and you are the billionth person to find it strange that such a heavy thing as a plane can fly at all. After a while of not recognising anything in the landscape below I innerly went ‘aaah!’ when I saw the first fluffy white clouds outside my window. The move into the white cuddliness outside was the perfect moment to fall asleep and so I did.

More later. I have to eat and leave. I really write too slow. Sorry.

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