“Defect” – what a fine fine day

“Straight as an arrow
Defect, defect
Not straight, not so straight
Reject, reject
Towards anti-social
Dull dull, so dull”

Cinnamon tea and an aching shoulder is what I woke up to. Nothing exciting in the mail box and UPS bringing nothing but posters. Crossreading the news. Sure I’m glad they stopped the terror attack from happening. Still there’s a bad aftertaste as it will be used as another reason to narrow my freedom and right to privacy. Yes, I’m aware that I used passive in the last sentence. Getting all sentimental after reading three personal blogs from people but not sending a single word of compassion to the writers. Is it the blog culture that teaches us to turn away, to stay voyeur instead of communicating? I’ll write it in my blog though I’m sure you won’t read it: I feel with you, it made me sad that you’re in pain, I hope you will feel better some day. Feeling sad yet I’m feeling so numb that today I’m not even excited about playing live on Saturday. Finding out that the cat secretly jumps onto the sink and drinks from my toothbrush cup while he denies drinking from the water I always put next to his food. Hm. Writing a letter. That’s been long overdue. Practicising. I hate that I keep forgetting the lyrics to my own songs. As if they didn’t mean anything to me. Lots of work at the computer. Still unfinished. Still postponing too many things. A tiny flicker of panic in the back of my head but not enough to bring an exclamation mark into this day. Thinking of an overseas friend who’s celebrating his birthday today and wondering how many kilometres New York actually is away. Google maps denies me the answer. Shopping. Cooking. Where has my day gone?

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