New song up at Myspace & BOOM over nbg & a secret disclosed!

“Down With You Syndrome”, a brand new EVE MASSACRE song is finally up in my myspace player! No clue why but it seems as if I only can have three songs in that silly player thing now. Hope you enjoy it!

Boom over Nuremberg!
Tomorrow we’ll shake you and ourselves all night long. I’m sooo looking forward to it!
People in smokings will get a free drink!
People who bring me birthday presents will get a free smile!

When I was at the SCREAM CLUB show in Munich the secret behind one of the sure shot dancefloor hits of SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM was disclosed to me: SCREAM CLUB did the vocals to the SIDABITBALL song ‘Smalltown Girls’, a Gameboy-Trash-Rave jewel that filled the dancefloor whenever CKID played it. I love that song and it’s even cooler if you hear it live so I recommend not missing SCREAM CLUB when they will play at the K4 on the 18th of october!
The song is still available as a free mp3 from SIDABITBALL’s website. Shhhhhh – here’s the link:

And this is the scariest stuff I’ve read about in quite a while. Pain that leaves no traces, that you can’t prove, the effects of which you can’t measure. The ‘creativity’ of scientific progress never fails to surprise me. (Hier ein deutschsprachiger Artikel drüber.)

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