“Into the future” – new EM ep, DAUGHTERS show tonight!

“We drive into the future using only our rear view mirror.” M. McLuhan

Time is racing. Can’t tell where the last days or weeks have gone. I was a bit more busy with my release than I had expected. Endless fine-tuning work until at the end I felt like I had destroyed all that had been great about the songs in the first place. I was really happy when Tobi told me that wasn’t true. I got no ears for it anymore. But first things first:


STARVING BUT HAPPY has released an EVE MASSACRE ep, “Sexualize This!”
You can download it for free or simply listen to it on their website. Of course, if you prefer to jump the omgradioheadsrevolutionisingmusicdistribution train you can also send as much money as you wish to the STARVING BUT HAPPY guys or me. Just ask for paypal or bank details.
The ep has four songs that mean a lot to me: “Powdered Balls”, “Repro-Fuck Yourself!”, “My Tomboy” and “Krushed Kandy”. You get the lyrics within the mp3 tags. Check them out.

It’s the sister release to my double-cd-release on BLACK WHOLE DISKS that will be out on Friday 5th of october. There will be a release party at the K4 at which JOOL & PALUKA of Elektronisch Rocken and WALLY & me of Sophisticated Boom Boom will dj. And I will play a few songs live. The party will start at midnight. Hope it will be fun!

The CD is called “Sexualize This!” too. I’d like to thank Herr Müller for the great artwork and Tobi for all the work he put into it, and also cheers to all the remixers! I recorded and produced it all by myself and hope it sounds decent to your ears. Here’s a few pre-release glimpses at the layout:

I’m totally excited about finally having another release out there. It’s always like closing a door for a new beginning.

* _ *

Tonight the DAUGHTERS and the MATCHGIRLS will play at the Z-Bau – don’t miss it! I haven’t seen the MATCHGIRLS before but can blindly guarantee for the DAUGHTERS being a blast of a show that will burn itself into your memories!

And that’s not all: After that Jool of Elektronisch Rocken will turn the Z-Bau Galerie into a warehouse party – DO DA DOO! – with techno, acid, house and electro classics. For free! Scandalous.

* _ *

My deepest heartfelt condolations go out to Colin and his wife. Wish you all the strength you need to get over this loss and fill the hole the little one has left in your lives. Lots of love. I’m glad to have gotten to know you.

* _ *

So what was up? I’ve seen GET HUSTLE twice and enjoyed their show a lot, especially as they played different sets. Thanks to XYEAHX for inviting me to do a dj set to support them last Sunday. On our drive there J. (he insists that I do not drop his full name here) and Ioakim and me got lost. On our way back we got lost too. It’s bloody unbelievable and I’m officially ashamed of my poor concentration and sense of orientation. The MENEGUAR show was cool too. Very very LES SAVY FAV, in a good old way. (It was the first show though at which I really missed smoking. I went out for a cigarette while they were playing there last song. The taste of a cigarette and a beer simply are part of what I enjoy about live music. Hard times are gonna come. Poor addicted me.).

I have to say though I enjoyed both bands, neither GET HUSTLE nor MENEGUAR blew me away as much as I had hoped for. “Blowing away” meaning that state in which you get lost in a band’s music and forget everything around you. I guess that was not just due to the bands but somehow the last couple of weeks were one of those periods in which I shut off myself from the world a bit so nothing really touched me. Like being just a spectator of my own life. Not getting involved, keeping everything and everyone at a safe distance. Not even music does much for me in that state.

It’s sad cause it didn’t just spoil the live shows for me but also the last SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM party which I think was actually great. The euphory just didn’t really get to me. My two favourite moments were: When two girls who wanted me to play Hadouken were shouting at me “but it’s her birthday!” while I was shouting back at them “but it was my birthday two days ago!”. I think both sides shouted it a couple of times, was a pretty funny hysteric little moment, guess you had to be there. And the other moment was: Peter playing Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz” after Klaxons’ “Gravity Rainbow”. Made me laugh out loud and was a great fit. Sadly it might have been one of Peter’s last appearances at Sophisticated Boom Boom as he calls it quits. On the 9th of November, our next party, we have invited THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW. Don’t miss it, that guy is awesome. What was a bit sad: Quirin’s fog machine didn’t work, so the main pun of our non-smoking party was missing. I had planned to flood the room with fog so you could hardly see your hand in front of your eyes. Well, it was a fun night anyway but like I said: Somehow I felt like I just watched but wasn’t really there.

Don’t know why I fall into such holes but it happens. I’m glad that by now it’s kind of over and I’m here again. Hooray. It’s silly but I think what helped was watching 13 episodes of DOCTOR WHO over the course of the last week. It has the same effect as reading a good long novel: simply stepping out of your own life for a while and diving into someone else’s story for a longer time. It’s a bit addictive though and I definitely need more DOCTOR WHO now. I liked Ecclestone better than Tennant but I take whatever I get. Well, got to change the bedcloths for the Daughters now and clean up my kitchen. I srsly hope the DAUGHTERS will party tonight and don’t plan on going to sleep early cause I sure would love to stay for DO DA DOO.

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